Sion Mining is a privately held UAE based gold exploration company with a history of successful gold projects in the Americas. They have recently discovered a large gold deposit in Honduras. This project is currently in a prefeasibility study phase. The company is seeking to raise $3 million in financing through an equity crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is targeted towards international investors who are interested in mining. This is a great opportunity for those looking for a low risk investment in an exciting new project.

Sion Trading Fze, one of the world’s leading gold mining companies, has been operating in Honduras since early and has developed a successful and long-standing relationship with the local community. In 2016, the company began construction of a new gold mine, the Sion Gold Project, in the municipality of El Naranjo, a region that has historically been the source of significant gold deposits. In 2017, the company was awarded the first concession to develop the Sion Gold Project.

Sion Mining is committed to operating responsibly in Honduras and to supporting the local communities where its operations take place. To this end, it is working to improve social conditions in the region where it operates. The company is also committed to respecting and protecting the environment, which is why it has developed an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Sion Gold Project. The company is also committed to developing an effective corporate governance system that ensures transparency, accountability and good corporate citizenship.

The Sion Mining Group’s activities are carried out in accordance with the law and all applicable regulations. It is subject to supervision by the Ministry of Finance, Public Credit, and Public Works and Transport. The company complies with all national and international environmental laws and standards and has been awarded a Green Globe certificate from the Basel Action Network, a leading international organisation which certifies companies as having met the highest standards in environmental protection. The Sion Mining Group has developed an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that will guide the company’s development of its operations in Honduras.

The company plans to begin production in early 2020 and has secured a 20-year contract to supply the entire country with gold. The company has a very strong track record of success in Honduras and is committed to supporting the local community. This is an opportunity for investors to become a part of a new gold mining project in Honduras. It will be exciting to see what happens with this project as it moves forward. This project is currently in a prefeasibility study phase. The company is seeking to raise $300,000 in financing through an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Their story demonstrates the value of hard work and dedication. The SION trading FZE has faced many challenges and obstacles as a gold mining company. but they have always been determined to overcome them. Their story should serve as motivation to anyone seeking a path to success. The SION trading FZE is now looking to expand into other African countries. They believe that gold mining has a lot of potential in Africa and are committed to helping their customers succeed in this exciting industry. The SION trading FZE began its operations by purchasing a dredge. This is a machine used to extract useful minerals from a site before mining begins. Mining would be much more difficult and time-consuming without this equipment. The SION trading FZE also purchased a cyanidation plant, which is a machine that dissolves unwanted metals from an ore deposit using caustic soda (a strong acid). With these tools, the SION trading FZE was able to begin gold mining. The company was initially very successful. However, as time passed, they began to encounter some difficulties. They were having particular difficulty extracting gold from certain deposits.

Thought gold mining was an exciting and profitable industry and spent many years researching it before deciding to start their own gold mining company.

As decided to invest in a gold mine in Sion, Tunisia, after carefully researching the market.

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Tierra Rica Gold Corp (TSXV: TRRG) is a junior exploration and development company focused on the discovery, development and production of gold properties in Central America. The company is currently in a pre feasibility study phase for its Sion Gold Project. The Company’s flagship project is located in El Naranjo, Honduras and is 100% owned by Tierra Rica Gold Corp. Tierra Rica is well-positioned to develop a high-grade gold property in El Naranjo.