It’s the mentality of society that if we get to know someone directly or indirectly attached to a tremendously growing industry that is of the casino betting app industry, it leads to a change in perception towards him and gets titled as “black dirt” of society. Typically in India, the sensational fever of IPL(Indian Premier League), has led to the creation of a large number of casino and betting apps making it difficult to get to the point of classifying them as trusted and secured apps.

In avoiding this, critical situation research plays an important role due to the benefits and services offered are the major factors in deciding the best betting apps. They are

  1. Parimatch.
  2. 10CRIC.
  3. Betway.
  4. Pure win.
  5. ComeOn.

Parimatch-is the best betting app according to the features offered.

10CRIC is the best betting app with Indian currency.

Betway best betting app with the virtual exchange.

Pure win is the best betting app.

Come on is the better betting app with a safer option. 

Betting Apps With Secured Gateway

Trusting betting apps is a wholesome crucial task in itself because of the presence of numerous apps, based on their choices and services offered. There is a varied distinction based on the apps. Trust is the greatest factor responsible for the success not only of the app but also the success of anything be it any physical product or digital product.

Only trust apps that offer a payment gateway that is secured and private also deal in local currency without exchange so it can be backed by any financial institution or any co-operate or nationalized bank. The payment gateway should be secured and private answerable to any transaction, the same as that of the banking institution.

Dealing with local currency is preferred by customers due to the fact of its huge market cap as it is officially traced by the government body.

Download Cricket Betting Apps  

To download cricket betting apps, we should follow a certain procedure

Go to Google Play Store.

  • Search the app and click download now and click ok.
  • Tap on the open button and the download starts.
  • After downloading tap on settings.
  • From settings click on unknown sources.
  • Once done click on back and choose install.

The same process followed at Apple is not exactly the same but is closely similar in process. Download Cricket Betting Apps in this technological era representing simple user interfaces in mobile-friendly devices.

Casino Preference Over Betting Apps

Casino apps are mostly preferred by individuals comparatively over betting apps because casino apps offer a wide range of services and options compared to betting apps. Also, the casino offers lucrative services to individuals ranging from motion gaming to virtual options improving its user experience and also avoiding strain on the eyes due to prolonged exposure to bright colors to grab the attention and remain active in the game.

Due to all factors, there is a slight difference in the data. Betting apps follow a result oriented approach displaying many ads and the user is not allowed to skip either because they are non-skippable ads which automatically frustrates the user tuning him to switch over.


You need to always beware while dealing with betting apps due to the fact that it involves huge losses regarding monetary transactions which turns the user to go broke if he has gone through unofficial links. Resulting in financial losses which may be encountered with data loss as the majority of betting or casino apps belong to the category of third party apps.

These apps are not trusted and if held on using it is wrong and termed as illegal according to a statement issued by the casino and betting bill 1987. However, the use of casino and betting apps is differentiated from this category. The casino and betting bill 1987 states it is illegal to play casino and betting apps in public places. If found so you will be punished as you broke the law imposed by the government. You are bound to present before the law of the court and asked to pay a penalty regarding it.

However, betting apps lead to an increase in revenue.