A live chat support service can handle two or Live Chatmore concurrent chats without compromising the quality of the service. The number of conversations an agent can handle is quite impressive. However, there are a few things that every live chat agent should never forget to ensure a quality experience. Here are five tips for providing excellent customer support through chat.

3 Key Chat Support Services

  1. Browse the Site While Chatting
  2. Improve Your Customer Interactions
  3. Tailor Your Chat

1. Browse the Site While Chatting: 

You have probably heard of multitasking that comes with live chat. This feature helps speed up the resolution process by providing real-time assistance. Not only that, but it is also a complete tool to use on both smartphones as well as systems.

The main benefit of co-browsing is that it allows both parties to enjoy control of the chat. Most customers do not mind allowing a contact center to view their online purchases and navigational info. In addition, it allows the contact center to customize the service for each customer, reducing the likelihood of a dispute or future need for resolution. This feature makes the CX much more personalized.

Co-browsing is a powerful customer-facing feature, reducing support costs and improving customer satisfaction. This helps agents answer questions, guide customers through complex issues and help them complete their transactions quickly. As a result, it reduces the number of support tickets and shortens customer service.

With this feature, agents can engage with customers through their mobile apps. By co-browsing, agents can assist in-app customers in real-time. When it comes to security, the agent cannot see the customer’s data, such as passwords, credit cards, or financial records.

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2. Improve Your Customer Interactions: 

Among the various benchmarks that can be analyzed to improve customer service, dwell time is a key metric. Long dwell times are a sign of a problem with the site. If you decrease it by using a tool or any other means to measure customer wait times, you can increase customer satisfaction. However, if your dwell time is longer than two minutes, it may indicate an overburdened team.

Another metric that you can use is the number of live chat sessions. This will give you an overview of the number of customers who engage in live chat sessions on your website. The number of chats may tell you whether you are meeting customer expectations or not. For instance, if a large number of chat sessions are happening at a certain time, it may mean that your customers are having trouble finding the information they are looking for. On the other hand, if you notice a decrease in live chat sessions, it might be a sign that your system or agents are having issues.

You can also measure the average wait time for a live chat. Missed chat requests show poor performance, but you do not want to use this metric to incentivize your team to work harder. It is better to have a higher response time for your support team than to have fewer chats, which can increase the overall CSAT score.

Lastly, you can also assess the volume of tickets. Total tickets track all support tokens that are in the queue over a certain time. The number of completed chats helps you measure the efficacy of your agents. This metric also shows how many conversations are assigned to reps and how many of those are solved. Analyzing total tickets, you can determine if your agents are providing an excellent CX.

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3. Tailor Your Chat:

If your customer service requires personalization, you need to make sure they are seamless across all the channels. For instance, you must know all the details of a customer’s history, including past purchases and support interactions, so that the chat agent can respond accordingly. This helps the agent have a more meaningful conversation with the customer. In addition, customization can alert reps when a customer has repeatedly tried to complete a task. You can also track customer behavior, such as previous chats and pages visited before starting the talk.

In addition to improving CSAT and loyalty, personalized customer service can increase sales. It allows agents to dig into customers’ concerns and provide an unparalleled experience. According to research, 50% of customers admit to re-explaining issues to service agents. In addition, it also results in a disconnect and distrust. Thus, it is vital to use live chat support services that can offer personalized support to boost conversions.

When used properly, online chat is a highly effective engagement tool. As more consumers move to the web, more companies can take the edge of the massive opportunity. To make the most out of this opportunity, your company should train its reps to engage in one-to-one talks. Using emojis is one of the most effective ways to lighten up the mood and keep the conversation friendly. However, please make sure not to use them in a professional talk. Chat is a cost-effective way to engage customers online.

Personalized service does not work unless you pay attention to customer segments. For instance, sending discounts to all customers will not generate sales from international or local customers. Instead, you will lose customers. As a result, learning customer psychology to tailor your conversations is crucial. If you do not know the psychology of your target audience, you will end up with an ineffective approach that may not produce desired results. You should also know how your customers think, as the most successful companies are those that can make their customers feel special and unique.

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