What is readability?

Readability is about communicating information in the clearest and most approachable way possible.

Most individuals are busy. They don’t have the time to digest extremely long phrases and complex language. Improved readability will result in a greater number of people reading your work. You’ll get more shares via social media. And rather than merely skimming it, a greater number of readers will really read your post.

If you put in the effort to improve the readability of your text, you will make it simpler to read, you will persuade more people to read more of your tale, they will comprehend it more quickly, and they will remember it for a longer period of time. Readability is the first thing every professional book editors focuses on when assessing any content because if there is a readability issue or grammar mistakes, it would be rejected by the reader. 

The significance of having a good content readability

Content readability is vital so that people may understand written text clearly. Individuals do not have time to waste trying to understand what you’re saying; therefore, if they can’t move through your post quickly, then most will quit without ever finishing it. If they make it to the end, they’ll have to decide if they can trust you enough to keep in touch with you after reading it. Let there be no doubt. A wonderful essay is for naught if no one takes the time to read it because of problems with readability. They won’t be persuaded to read it and spread the word; instead, they’ll either say nothing or say something negative about it. 

The other difficulty you’ll have is that the main blog networks will reject your posts. So how can we make our article comprehensible? Here are a few simple suggestions to increase your article’s readability.

The process of proofreading your material using Readable is one that is actionable and systematic. Making material that is easy to understand takes time and attention to detail. With the help of our highlight, feedback, and score tabs, you will be able to locate within your text the sections that require the most attention in a blink.

Here is a list of 4 methods to make your content more readable:

1. Reduce the length of your sentences to help increase Content readability.

When it comes to writing an essay or a report for postgraduate study, you may have heard that longer sentences “flow better” than shorter ones. However, when it comes to writing blog posts, shorter is always better since people want something that is simple to read.

 If you have ever written an essay for school or college, then you are aware that the professor will always tell you to start with a powerful phrase and close with one as well; however, this is not the case when it comes to writing blog articles! Readers of blogs do not like to read long sentences since it increases the likelihood that they will become uninterested in what you are saying or that their minds will wander. If this occurs, then people won’t return to complete reading your content. Thus it’s important to keep each sentence short of improving your Content readability.

2. Switch to the active voice whenever it’s possible to boost Content readability.

To quickly and easily determine if a statement is written in active voice, simply replace all instances of “was” with “were.”

Not only does the passive voice take up more space than the active voice because you have to put words like “was” and “were” in it, which makes your sentences more difficult to understand, but you also use much too many words. People will have a difficult time reading a complete phrase, much alone an entire paragraph if it is loaded with terms connected to being passive. This is especially true for longer passages.

3. To increase your content readability, use bullet points and number lists.

There are no obvious signposts for visitors to follow on your website, which is one of the primary reasons why they will not read the articles on your site unless they comprehend what they are saying. If someone needs to put in a lot of effort when reading anything, they will either quit reading it altogether or, even worse; they will leave your site altogether.

 You need to organize your paragraphs into portions that the reader can read without putting an excessive amount of effort. Adding bullet points and numbered lists is a tried and true method for making content easier to read.

4. Shorten your sentences to improve your Content readability. 

Convoluted sentences can be simplified and made easier to comprehend by reducing the length of the phrases in question.

 If you find that your material contains lengthy phrases, you might want to consider cutting them up into shorter sections. To do this, you should concentrate on adhering to the “one concept per phrase” guideline. Are you able to express more than one thought in a single sentence? A decent rule is to begin each new thought with a fresh sentence.

Check the readability statistics for your document to see how many “extremely long sentences” there are. By clicking on this count, you’ll see which sentences need the most work.


Articles that people come upon on the internet aren’t always read by those people! This is due to the fact that individuals have difficulty comprehending what other people write on the internet. If a reader is confused by a post, they won’t forward it to others. As a result, you will miss out on page views and traffic that might have easily been yours. Because of this, you need to be aware of these four simple strategies that will increase your content readability. The easier it is to read, the more interesting it is. And the easier it is for your target audience to obtain.