The way your smile looks has an impact on your confidence and can influence your self-esteem. But thankfully, as advancements in dentistry are made, you can benefit from some of the best procedures to restore your confidence and your teeth. Composite bonding Turkey is one of many procedures you can have to not only improve the way your teeth look but to improve your overall oral health – but how much do you really know about it? There are a few common myths that come along with this procedure, so read on as we bust the misinformation surrounding composite bonding.

What is it?

Composite bonding is a way of enhancing your smile by whitening your teeth, evening out misshapen teeth, and filling cracks to create a more enhanced smile, for both cosmetic and oral health benefits. Dental bonding is applied to the teeth in a shade that matches your natural colour and is then shaped with precision tools. When it is in place, your dentist cures it so that it bonds to your teeth – it’s as simple as that.

It’s a lengthy process

This is one of the first misconceptions that come with composite bonding. Many people think it’s similar to having veneers fitted, which can take a few visits to the dentist due to the preparation that it takes for your teeth, and the veneers themselves to be developed. However, composite bonding is one of the quickest procedures that you can have that helps to improve your smile! The procedure itself takes somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many teeth you’re having treated, but that’s it. No trips back and forwards, so you can enhance and correct your smile in no time.

Anyone can choose to have it

Whilst composite bonding is a straightforward procedure, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone. Before the bonding takes place, your dentist will assess whether your teeth are in the best condition for satisfactory results. They’ll look for evidence of decay, and gum disease. Those of us that grind our teeth, clench, or bite our nails may not be suitable for composite bonding as this could damage the material and change the look of our teeth.

It’s temporary

Another myth that comes with composite bonding is that it’s a temporary solution. This myth often changes people’s minds when it comes to the type of cosmetic procedure that they’re choosing to have – many opt for veneers instead of composite bonding. But this is not true. A high-quality procedure paired with good dental hygiene and correct care could see your bonding lasting for at least ten years. You should make sure that you attend regular dentist appointments so you can enhance your oral health and allow your dentists to keep an eye on any changes to the bonding.

It’s expensive

Luckily for us, composite bonding is one of the least expensive procedures that you can have to enhance the look of your smile. Unlike veneers, which are likely to set you back a few thousand, composite bonding is more affordable, which means it makes improving your teeth more accessible to a range of people. Of course, you will need to see your dentist to get an idea of how much the final price will be – but because the process takes less time, there is less work that has to go into the treatment as a whole, and the costs can be kept low and manageable.

People use it to look good

You may not realise it, but composite bonding is not just used for cosmetic enhancements. Some people do use this method to whiten their smile, but for those that have cracked or weak teeth, it can be a great way of building up strength and support in their mouths.  It can also help to reduce holes in the enamel which can cause sensitivity. You can use composite bonding to create a more even, whiter-looking smile, but some use it for the benefits that it can bring to their general, oral health.

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