Water heaters or geysers fall under the category of important appliances. It should be taken care of as you take care of the other electrical appliances though you have the best geyser from the reputable brand but due to lack of proper care and misuse it will become inefficient. There are several easy ways which will not cost you any amount or a little amount to keep your heater’s performance perfect. If you are a person who likes to avoid spending any extra cost on household appliances this article will surely help you. We often try to maintain our daily usage appliances but without proper knowledge and tips we could not succeed in that. Here we will discuss some easy and effective tips which will help you to maintain water heater performance.

Top 5 tips to follow if you want to keep your water heater effective and functional:

  1. Do not keep the switch on of your water heater for longer period-

It is one of the biggest mistakes people make, they keep the switch on of the heater for extended time to get the warm water to bath and save time. This is not good for the water heater as it will cause damage to the apparatus and reduce its life. You can switch on the geyser 10 -15 mins before the usage. We all have a busy schedule but being careless will make your appliances inefficient. So Instead of buying a new geyser you should follow this simple step to maintain the longevity of your geyser.

  1. Check the anode rod in the water heater- the water heaters contain anti-corrosion anode rod in them which is a vital part of the heater. The anode rod can be damaged by rusting and accumulation of impurities present in the water. Checking the rod frequently will help you to identify the condition of the rod, if you see its thickness is less than half inch or coated with calcium, then you should purchase a new one. You should check the anode rod every 2-3 years to ensure the outer layer is not corroded.
  2. Lower the temperature of the heater- by lowering the temperature of your water heater you can save a lot of electricity and also protect the longevity of the heater. You just need lukewarm water to bathe as very hot water will lead to accidental burns especially if you have kids in your home. If you are going for a vacation or out of your house don’t forget to switch off the heater. It is to be noted that each 10 degrees lower temperature can help you to save up to 5 percent in energy costs.  
  3. Inspect the pressure releasing valve– the pressure releasing valve if not functioning properly the entire water heater is of no use. Ensure you keep checking the valve. A professional help can also be taken in this regard or you can do it by yourself. It can be checked easily  by releasing the pressure a number of times and if you detect a leak then it’s time to replace it. You have to drain the extra water from the heater then remove the discharge tube and replace it with the new one.
  4. Keep a yearly maintenance schedule- either by yourself or through a professional you should yearly check the parts of your heater. You should keep the heater free from accumulated dirt and the pressure valve should be checked too. It is recommended to have the basic plumbing tools in your house as they will help to fix the little defects, leaks and maintenance of the water heater. Every year make a schedule to do a proper check of your electric water heater, wiring, the plugs and everything related to it to avoid spending a huge amount of money.

These were some guidelines regarding maintenance of the water heater after the purchase.

Factors to consider before installing a water heater:

  1. Space around the water heater:

Make sure there is some space between the walls and the apparatus when you are installing a water heater or geyser. The space is needed for repairing a defect when found. A little space between the was and the geyser helps in cleaning it. When a new water heater is being installed make sure you hire a professional technician so that the heater is installed in a proper way.

2. Place your water heater or geyser at a sufficient height: the experts advise that the water heater should be always kept at a good height from the floor; it should be placed at least 6 feet or 1.8 meters from the ground. Keeping the heater at a sufficient height will ensure the proper water pressure and you will get a smooth flow of warm water. This is a very important thing to consider before you install a new water heater in your bathroom, make a space for the heater by noting the above mentioned height.

3. Proper electrical connection, plugs and switches: when the technician is installing a water heater make sure he connects the heater to a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) so that the electricity is directly cut off in case of power fluctuations. MCB will prevent the short circuits. The switch and plugs should be kept away from water and kids. Your sockets and plugs should be properly wired and the MCB switch is a great option to prevent any kind of electric shock.