White is a color that represents perfection. It is a royal color that is an important part of every ritual. One of the most astonishing features of this color is that it’s neutral, impartial, and independent in every sector. It’s a color that’s packed with meaningful symbolism. There are numerous white flowers that one can use on happy occasions like birthdays. Here are our top favorite white flowers for birthdays. Looking for flower delivery in Tulsa OK? Order online now from Mrs. DeHavens online flower shop and enjoy doorstep delivery of amazing birthday flowers.

Top favorite birthday flowers

Calla Lily

If you are a fan of elegant and classy styles, then the calla lily is the perfect choice for you. These flowers generally bloom from May to September and are found in various shades, like- red, yellow, orange, pink, and white. Among all these shades, white ones are the most popular for birthdays. Each shade has its special meaning and white represents purity, elegance, and innocence. 


These blooms are easily available all year round, which makes them one of the most commonly gifted flowers. White Gerbera symbolizes purity, virtue, happiness, and innocence. It will make a perfect gift for people born in April as Gerbera is considered to be the birth flower of April. Apart from this, white Gerbera can also be used to show your gratitude to your loved ones.


If you are looking for a stylish and gorgeous bouquet, then without any second thought, go for a bouquet of white Hydrangeas. Florists in Broken Arrow OK say that white Hydrangea is a symbol of togetherness, innocence, beauty, grace, unity, and abundance. By giving a bouquet of white Hydrangeas you can let the receiver know that they are a graceful and pure person, and you appreciate their wholesome personality.


The sacred flower of goddess Freya, Daisy makes a beautiful gift for your beloved friend. Daisies come in various colors and among them, the white Daisy represents patience, loyalty, love, purity, and more. Using this flower, you can show your appreciation for your friends’ loyalty. Alongside, you can also let them know how much you cherish and love them as a friend.


These blooms are representative of perfection, joy, youth, nobility, and purity. They bloom in the spring season and are also considered to be representative of the moon. So, when you want to make your friend or loved ones feel even more special on their birthdays just grab a bouquet of white magnolia.

Lily of the Valley

The birth flower of May, Lily of the Valley makes a perfect gift for a person who’s born in this month. These blooms represent absolute purity, sincerity, positivity, youth, and happiness. Lily of the Valley is a thoughtful and gorgeous gift for any receiver. On your loved one’s special day, you can let them know what a positive influence they have on your life, and how happy you are to have them.


This multi-colored bloom has various interesting facts attached to it. Some belief the Anemone wards off the evil spirit and some believe keeping these flowers in your pocket would attract good luck in various places. The white Anemone blooms represent sincerity, loyalty, delicacy, and innocence. You can also show your loyalty and sincerity to your loved ones by presenting them with a bouquet of white Anemone on their birthday.

By now you must have understood that a bouquet of only white blooms can also assist you in portraying your love, care, and respect for the receiver. Alongside, it will also let you leave a positive impression on the receiver because of the calming effect that it gets from its color. Order all these flowers in Tulsa OK by using the online flower delivery service from Mrs. DeHaven’s flower shop. Enjoy same-day delivery, fast service, and many other benefits. Order now!

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