Men’s underwear comes in a wide variety of styles, much like women’s underwear, and many people prefer a particular design, whether for aesthetic or practical reasons. Traditional men’s underwear includes boxers, briefs, and trunks. And with the large variety available in the market, it might be difficult for you to select your preferred style. So, read on to learn how to get the most out of your purchase of men’s underwear, whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else.

How to Pick the Perfect Underwear

Buying new pairs of briefs to refresh your underwear drawer is easy, but how do you determine which underwear is best for you? Think about your body type before deciding on an underwear style. Also, pick a suitable underwear fabric so you feel pleasant; active guys might benefit from stretchy or moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton or jersey. Meanwhile, the men’s version of Spanx underwear is designed to smooth the tummy and thighs while providing a secure fit under form-fitting garments like t-shirts and trousers.


When shopping for men’s trunks, you’re likely after a style that rests squarely on the hips and tapers to the midthigh. Thanks to the tailored fit, you won’t have to worry about the cloth riding up beneath your slim-cut pants or thin jeans.

Men’s underwear. It’s the item in every man’s wardrobe that very few people get to see, yet it’s still essential to get right. All those faded, overstretched or even ripped undies you’ve got kicking around in your top drawer… yeah, they’ve gotta go. Undies are a big deal.

But what might seem like a simple task of picking out the right style of underwear can be trickier than you think. Are you a briefs or boxers kinda guy? Maybe you prefer a bit of extra length and opt for long boxers? Do you prefer your undies light or dark and with seams or without?


It’s common for guys of all ages to reach for a pair of briefs, a basic underwear style that features a Y-front. With its superior support, this underwear style is an excellent choice for athletes and frequent gym-goers. The elasticated sides of the briefs end just above the real thigh, making them a good option for guys with bigger thighs since they provide a clean, comfortable fit without restricting mobility.

Men’s midi briefs are a popular option because of their great support and comfort, thanks to their core-spun cotton lycra fabric. Meanwhile, you won’t find the open fly design on the underwear of this sort for guys very often, but you will find a comfortable, well-fitting garment.


Their classic style and masculine silhouette are a staple of men’s underwear. So, you may either choose traditional boxer briefs, which sit at or slightly below the waist or go for a more stylish one, which will be smaller and more fitted to the body and fall just above the knee. 

These underwears are fantastic for covering and comfort, but men typically find that the loose-fit ones ride up beneath clothing, so they’re best reserved for the bedroom or use baggy pants. So, get some new ones to replace your old ones and breathe new life into your underwear drawer. 

What to Look for While Buying Men’s Undergarments

There are pros and cons to each kind of men’s underwear, and ultimately the decision will come down to an individual’s preference. Do you feel more at ease in a tight pair of briefs or favour the more roomy sensation of boxers? One’s preference for men’s trunks or briefs might be influenced by one’s preference for pants. And if you need to purchase a man a new pair of underwear as a present and aren’t sure what size he wears, you may figure out what kind he likes by looking in his drawer. Remember that he probably has a prefered fabric, so you should also consider it.

Another piece of advice while shopping for men’s designer underwear is to purchase underwear sets.