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Fresh flowers are ideal for home décor. Whether you get them for yourself or a dear one, they make people and spaces happier. But choosing the vase for your fresh flowers can be quite tricky. Since flowers come in various sizes and shape it is difficult to find the perfect vase for them. When gifting flowers, choose a vase that complements your blooms. Take a quick look at the different types of flower vases and pick your perfect fit. 

Types of Flower Vases

Floral bouquets look perfect when the vase is right. Based on the style, shape, material, and utility, there can be many types of vases. 

Flower vases can be made of wood, metal, ceramics, glass, and many other materials, however, glass and ceramic vases are the most popular ones. When it comes to the shape, look, and purpose of the vases, there are a number of options available as well. 

Here are a few types of vases you can choose from. 

Mason Jar

Mason jars are a cost-effective option. They pair well with rustic décor. But they can also be styled according to different themes like vintage or modern décor. If you have small-sized fresh flowers like daisies, ranunculus, baby’s breath, spray roses, etc. you can use a mason jar for decoration. Try painting the mason jar or wrapping it with a ribbon. You’ll have the perfect home décor centerpiece.

Tall vases

These vases are tall and narrow. They can support the flowers with larger stems. Get cherry or pear blossoms or any giant branch that you couldn’t resist buying. These vases are perfect for contemporary home décor. If you want to place rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the vase, pick a weighty vase. 

Compote bowls 

These are wide bowl-shaped vases that are perfect for large-sized flowers. They can easily hold big blossoms like dahlias, sunflowers, etc. You can also add large-sized greens. Compote bowls are flexible when it comes to home décor. They are ideal for contemporary décor and even vintage décor. All you need to do is choose the blossoms according to the theme. 

Cylinder vase

Cylinder vases are simple. Their shape is timeless and they are available in different sizes. Glass cylinder vases perfectly pair with tall-stemmed flowers, especially lilies, roses, and orchids. You can place these vases on your entryway table, bookshelf, or your guest room side table. They also make a beautiful statement when placed on dining tables. 

Square vase

Looking for vases for your coffee table? Then go for a square vase. These small-sized vases are also perfect for your Zen space, accompanied by candles. Florists in The Villages FL like Plantation Flower Designs & Gifts have the perfect square vases ideal for small side tables, center tables, and coffee tables. In these vases, you can place rose buds, chrysanthemums, lavender, etc.

Bud vase

Bud vases are subtle additions to your home décor. They are meant to highlight a single flower or a small bouquet. You can pair these with tulips, sweet peas, a single rose, etc. These vases can enhance the look of any intimate tablescape. Bud vases go well with minimalistic and contemporary home décor. So, if you have a dear friend who has bought a new home, send them a bud vase with their favorite flower via Oxford flower delivery from Plantation Flower Designs.

The beauty of a floral display not only depends on the flower types or the beauty of the vase itself but on how you present or decorate them as well. Arranging flowers in a vase takes skills and patience. While we have listed a few different types of vases along with décor ideas, it’s all about your personal taste. Use your creativity to spice up your home décor. Get the vases and flowers, and experiment with different themes and ideas.