Free amethyst image, public domain gemstone CC0 photo.

Something glowing and precious always attracts the attention of people. The same is the case with gems. Since old age, gemstone jewelry has gained popularity due to its classy look and many other benefits.

Multi color gemstones and crystals look breathtakingly beautiful and have several astrological benefits per the planetary movements. The colorful stones connect with your birth month as per your zodiac signs.

Every birthstone has a definite meaning. In the present dynamic fashionable era, people like styling the birthstone jewelry in the form of trendy accessories and according to their astrologer’s advice for availing its unique advantages in personal and professional life.

Importance of Birthstone

All the birthstones come with a rich legacy of ancestry, faith, and beauty. For all twelve months, there are specified birthstones. For example, a birthstone for January is Garnet, and for next month it’s the February birthstone Amethyst.

People born in these months wear these gems as per their zodiac signs and ensure to avail its overall benefit. The Garnet is a charming gem of red color that signifies passionate love and extends to friendship.

It’s the most linked gemstone with the sacred feminine. The alluring red color gem brings out the goddess love inside you; so that you can share that love with others. Amethyst is a radiant purple color gem that alleviates stress and reduces addictive tendencies.

Symbolic Meaning of Birthstones

Every birthstone has a specific meaning right from the first to the last. For example, Aquamarine is a March birthstone that depicts youth, fitness, and hope.

It’s a light blue sparkling gemstone that the sailors utilized earlier to protect themselves from uncertain threats/ dangers. March birthstone looks desirable in the form of an ornament. Another gorgeous gem that is June’s birthstone is the Moonstone.

It’s an elegant sparkling gemstone that radiates blue and white light that appears like Moon. The Moonstone depicts sacred feminine energy, good fortune, and deep love.

From an astrological perspective, people wear Moonstone Jewelry to balance emotions and find their true soulmate; so that they can unite forever. Its governed by the Moon, and people with zodiac signs Scorpio, cancer, and Aries should wear the June birthstone.

Astrological Relevance of Birthstone

Every birthstone, as mentioned above, gets governed by a specific planet movement and zodiac sign. So, for example, the October birthstone Opal is ruled by the planet Venus and by the people with the Libra, Gemini, and Virgo zodiac signs.

The Opal displays the magnetic play of colors. In addition, it shows a rainbow light spectrum. Couples prefer purchasing an Opal ring as it evokes passionate love, warmth, and understanding vital for blissful married life.

For November month the birthstone is Citrine. It’s yellow to a golden brown color semi-precious gemstone. The November birthstone link with Jupiter planet and enables to imbibe knowledge, sound financial status, and professional success in life.

Healing Benefit of Birthstone

June birthstone, as mentioned above, the sacred stone is very useful in healing female health issues like hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycle, and fertility problems. It’s a treasure gem for females.

The Opal October birthstone enables to get relief from the liver, kidney, and hormonal disorders. January birthstone Garnet help in getting relief from the heart, lungs, spinal cord, and bones. February birthstone Amethyst enables the eradication of stress levels and improves teeth, hair, and bone health.

August Birthstone Peridot is nature inspired green gem that cures skin ailments and enhances memory. The December birthstone Turquoise is a blue stone that people wear to shield themselves from evil/ negativity.

Turquoise Jewelry is famous among ornament lovers due to its versatility and stylish look. In addition, it is damn effective in curing kidneys, liver, and immune-related diseases.