Why Best Wedge Pillow?

 Sleeping on an angle can help relieve pain, congestion, and helps digestive problems. Also, it is recommended for pregnant women to sleep in a half-seated position which is why the best wedge pillow is the best item that they need when sleeping. The angles are not just beneficial in these situations but can also help with acid reflux when one eats something heavy or when you have too much spicy food. So getting this product won’t be useless because when you get older, you will have discomfort in your body due to age so better start acting now! Here are some of the things you should know about this product:

1.     Product type

Foam wedge pillow

It is a common type of best wedge pillow. This is designed for comfort and stability; most brands always include a cover over the foam to prevent it from sticking to your skin when you sweat. Some covers are removable while some are not which means that you need to check before buying one. The prices of these pillows range from low to high depending on the brand or store where they sell it. Usually, this is not very expensive but putting in a bit more money will give you great benefits in terms of quality and durability. When choosing a product make sure it has an adjustable feature so that you can control how high or flat your pillow should be. It’s also good that the material used has anti-microbial properties and is water-resistant to avoid stains and odors.

2.     Foam core bed wedge

This foam bed wedge has a firm base which gives it stability; the material used in the cover is usually polyester fabric with a blend of cotton to make it very comfortable for users. One thing that you should take note of when buying such a product is that the materials do not absorb sweat so this kind of pillow does not need frequent washing, unlike other types. Some best wedges also use memory foam as their core just like other pillows but they are more expensive because of this. This type can be both flat and raised depending on your needs and preference and its price range is between $50-$70 which includes the pillow itself and the cover.

3.     Wedge pillow with armrest

This type of the best wedge pillow is great for preventing acid reflux and snoring as it elevates your upper body and head which prevents this from happening, also it helps in relieving breathing problems and discomfort when you sleep on your side. This can be used by anyone but make sure that if you have lower back pain, best to use a foam core bed wedge instead because this one does not relieve the pain especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. You can find this type at around $60-$150 which includes its cover and pillow itself. In some cases, there are pillows made with memory foam as its core which is perfect for people who love soft cushioning and are very comfortable.

4.     Multi-purpose wedge pillow

This is a type of best wedge pillow that is adaptable and can be used in various ways like back, stomach, and side sleeping as well as breastfeeding postpartum recovery and sitting support. This comes with a cover that zips which makes it easy to remove the cover for washing purposes unlike other pillows available out there. The price ranges from $40-$150 depending on the brand and primary use of this product: 

(a) A feeding pillow

After childbirth, women need to breastfeed their baby so having this kind of best wedge pillow will help them by providing them proper positioning so they won’t feel tired after some time. It also lets mothers use their hands for things like reading, drinking coffee, and even holding the baby as they breastfeed.

(b) Back and stomach pillow

This type of best wedge pillow is perfect for those with back and stomach problems because it helps them sleep properly especially people who snore at night or those who have acid reflux. It can also minimize the strain on your neck and spine if you’re a side sleeper which means that this product will be great for pregnant women too.

(c) A sitting support

People who need to sit most of the day like security guards or police officers can use this kind of best wedge pillow so they won’t feel discomfort when sitting either in a chair or driving their car.

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5.     Medical grade pillows

These types of best wedge pillow are great for the old and people who have some serious medical conditions because it has a unique design which can support your body in proper alignment. They’re designed for maximum comfort, high durability, and stability especially if you’re dealing with bone fractures like hip replacement or arthritis. The price is also very expensive ranging from $100-$300; brands that sell this product include PharMeDoc, Medslant, and ComfiLife. However, these pillows do not come with covers so make sure to buy one when buying this kind of product.

6.     Washable cover

Having a pillow cover is important because it keeps the pillow clean throughout its use; this means that bacteria will not accumulate on your pillow even you use it for years. This is very important especially if you have kids in your house because they’re exposed to germs, dust and bacteria in the outside environment. Make sure that when buying the best wedge pillow with different types of covers available that come with zippers so removing or putting on the cover will be much easier than using one without a zipper.

7.     Pillowcase

These are sometimes included when you buy the best wedge pillow but make sure that it comes with its pillowcase, some products do not come with this kind of item so remember to buy one extra if needed to maximize the life span of your new pillows especially if you want to keep them clean all throughout its use which can prevent developing acne or skin allergies.

8.     Size

A common question is that what size should I buy? There are general best wedge pillow sizes are around 20×30 inches but these can vary per brand and type of product so make sure to check the size you need before buying one online or in a store near you. You can also consider your height and weight for instance if you’re 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds it’s best to purchase a wider pillow than average-sized products available out


(a) Standard-sized pillows

These types of best wedge pillows are perfect for people who weigh less than 100 pounds; however, these pillows come in different shapes like round, elliptical and contoured. They also come with a 20×30 inches size which makes them small enough to be carried around or traveled anywhere you go.

(b) Oversized pillows

This kind of best wedge pillow is great for people who weigh more than 500 pounds because it can provide proper support and comfort for them; this type is available in different shapes, sizes and even the amount of stuffing the pillow has inside it. Some oversized pillows are referred to as body shaping pillows because they’re used for helping pregnant women sleep properly especially those who are carrying triplets or twins due to their special design that can hold their bodies well while sleeping at night time. Nevertheless, this type of best wedge pillow is very expensive ranging from $300-$500 so if you think you need one make sure to review your budget first before purchasing one.

9.     Price

Prices may vary depending on features and size which you would or will get once buying a certain type or brand of best wedge pillow; they’re available in different shapes and sizes with their own features and functions so choosing the right one is not an easy task especially if you don’t know what product fits your needs.