Summer is all about starting fresh with good vibes and high energy. You might be all set for the summer but you are really missing out on something important. Summer parties, events, weddings and just casual get togethers. Call this and more happens during summer. You get to meet your friends, family, go on a vacation, tan on the beach and what not. But something that makes these events even better are flowers. Flowers are predominant during the summer with new ones blooming and also fresh cut flowers that are must have for summer events. There are various flowers that grow in the summer, you can get a flower arrangement of these and bring home the goddess of nature.

Here is a list for you from your own spencers florist –


Summer is incomplete without having this flower around you. Sunflowers grow during the onset of summer and stay up till fall. Sunflowers are known to be huge and also amazingly bold which is so much like the summer. Out there and rocking. For creating a sunflower bouquet you can go with a bunch of shining sunflowers with yellow roses, and mini white daisies. You can put these in a clear vase and you are all set. You can give this bouquet to anyone, even to yourself. 


Yet again a summer exclusive, daisies have a huge family and you will find different types of these in different colors and sizes. Daisies are typically known to be just white or yellow. But that’s not really the case. You can go with a bunch of just daisies that look super cute and joyful.  These flowers are also a great pick for weddings so you can get them from any Jacksonville wedding florist. To create a bridal bouquet these go with daisies, lilies, and red gerberas. This would be the perfect bouquet for a summer wedding. Interestingly daisies are known to symbolize purity and innocence.


Bringing in some more color with these flowers that look fabulous always, these flowers are just superb in detail and intricate in design. Orchids come in various colors like purple, white and yellow. You can get Mokara orchids since they look good and are purple in color. It will pop up during the summer. The purple color was said to be a color of royalty and luxury so giving these flowers would be equal to something luxurious. You can go with an all-orchid flower arrangement as these flowers shine their own glory they don’t need anything else.


A member of the daisy family is perfect for summer. Why you might ask, it is so because these flowers look like mini sunflowers but are bigger than English daisies, also these come in various colorful colors. All the colors of the rainbow and more. For a gerbera bouquet, you can just simply go with an assorted bunch of gerberas different colors look even better. You can also go with orange and yellow Berbera with red roses, sunflowers, and green poms. Gerberas also have a deep meaning; these symbolize innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and also loyal love.


This flower is a constant in the flower world available in various colors, you will definitely find the perfect rose for you. You can go with pink, orange, and yellow. Red, off-white, and so many more variations of tones. For a lovely summer bouquet, you can go with jacksonville florists 32254 arrangement of red roses, yellow gerberas, yellow roses, purple filler flowers, and greens. It might sound as if these colors don’t do well together but really these look cohesive and well presented. 

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