Physiorevive, the leading physiotherapist in Delhi for children has frequently encountered kids who have strange gait patterns, poor posture, low energy levels, and trouble keeping up with their peers. It is customary to begin therapy for these kids by working on their leg strength or by giving them insoles to change the way they walk, but what we need to do is address the root of the issue.

Core strengths in young children

It is so common to overlook core strengths, particularly in young children. As parents and healthcare professionals, we are frequently more focused on ensuring that our children grow the appropriate arm and leg muscles for walking, running and playing than we are on the significance of a strong core.

Your back muscles and abdominal muscles make up your core. Maintaining posture, balance, and coordination require a strong core. A strong core is necessary for every movement a child makes, from a toddler picking up a toy to a teenager playing football! Do not equate having a “6 pack” with core strength. The equal development of the muscles in your stomach, pelvis, lower back, and the diaphragm is referred to as core strength. We can stabilize our bodies while moving because of the coordinated action of all these muscles.

It is difficult for your child to maintain a firm platform that enables coordination of the arms and legs if they have a weak core since strong cores provide the foundation for the development of both gross motor abilities and fine motor skills.

Physiorevive, the highly awarded Physiotherapy clinic in Delhi have countered multiple troubled parents who complain about their children’s weak core. Let us find out what are they.

Signs of weak core children

  • Children having trouble staying seated upright Leans toward walls or other people
  • Children having trouble performing both fine and gross motor tasks due to poor posture
  • Children having trouble getting dressed and taking off their clothes
  • Children are missing developmental stages
  • Children having trouble keeping up with their friends
  • The muscles of children are worn out and soared at the end of the day.
  • Inquiries about effective ways to strengthen children’s core

The core muscles are all worked out as you bounce, whether on a trampoline or a ball. Physiotherapist in Delhi has devised general exercises for children with weak core strength. Here are some of the exercises children can conduct given they are monitored by parents and their respective physical therapy specialists-

Exercises that built core strength in Kids-

  • The Wheelbarrow: While holding your child in the wheelbarrow position, instruct them to advance their hands. Make sure they maintain a straight posture and prevent them from dipping their stomachs in the center.
  • Playing games like Twister and musical statues, which require kids to maintain still poses, helps to activate all the core muscles. The shaky surface of soft play areas forces children’s core muscles to automatically contract.
  • Gym Ball: The gym ball can be used for a variety of easy workouts, but a good place to start is by just sitting on it while maintaining a straight posture.
  • Encourage children to swing themselves at the park.

It is tough being a parent and as a renowned name as a Physiotherapist in Delhi, we do understand that. It is not just a physiotherapist’s responsibility to ensure the effective building of your child but they will also require constant supervision by the parents. This is one of the mantras we regularly counsel our clients at Physiorevive. A child’s built will play the base for the rest of his/her life so if you ever are suspicious of any of the above-mentioned ailments contact the best Physiotherapy clinic in Delhi and get it resolved with utmost priority. For any queries feel free to contact Physiorevive and get your child counseled for optimal physical health.

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