In 2022, almost every brand is in a race to improve the quality of its product packaging. They are making boxes to;

  • Display their product attractively
  • Protect their delicate product
  • To compete with other businesses
  • Increase their brand awareness among people

The same is for custom 2oz bottle boxes. If you are stuck with old fashion brown boxes, no one will be interested in buying your product. 

That’s why if you are making these boxes, you must follow the latest personalization trends. In this blog, we will know about the key features your bottle boxes must have. 

1. Up to the Mark Customization 

Customization is among the most important factors. Without it, you are selling your bottles simply in plain brown boxes. 

As a result of this, you will not be able to make your customers feel they must buy your product. 

That’s why you need to consider your packaging design and personalization. Your packaging customization should not be too complicated.

People like to go with minimal packaging designs. Simple and classy designs are something that makes boxes look alluring from being boring. 

These days with the advancement in technology, box personalization ideas are with no boundaries. 

You can go with gold foiling, silver foiling, UV coating, laminations, matt coating, gloss coating, die-cut windows, fragrant materials, embossing, debossing, and much more. 

Custom 2oz Bottle Boxes
2oz Bottle Boxes

2. Suitable Packaging Material

The box is such a thing that makes sales for your business. That’s why it should be capable enough to cast the right impact. 

If your custom printed 2oz boxes are not able to do so, people in the market will not be interested in buying your product. 

Here the material is one thing, if selected wisely, can make or break your packaging value. That’s why you must ensure your packaging material must have these features below.

  • Your material must be environment-friendly.
  • It should be of Best Standard.
  • Must be good for quality printing, customizations, and coatings.
  • It should be durable enough to keep bottles secure inside. 

Here the question is; which material do have all these features mentioned above? I will be glad to help with the answer.

Here two materials can be used for delicate bottles that we are going to compare below:

Kraft VS Cardboard

Both Kraft and Cardboard materials are the best for packing delicate bottles. Well here are some advantages and disadvantages of both these materials you must know.

Kraft Features

If you are willing to go with Kraft, then it is a nature-friendly material. Its durability and strength play an important role in keeping your delicate glass bottles safe throughout their journey from the production unit to the door of your client.

Here is one thing on which you will have to compromise in the case of Kraft. This material is not good for best quality printing and customizations as it is an ink absorber.

Cardboard Features

If you are making your packaging with cardboard, then it comes with multiple layers of board thickness. You can go with either thick or thin boards. 

Similarly, it is also a durable material. The benefit of cardboard is that you can get the best quality of printing over these box materials. 

Well, if we talk about the cons, then we cannot recycle cardboard so many times. After recycling 1 or 2 times, we need to decompose this material. At the same time, Kraft can be recycled up to 8 times.  

3. Design Must Be Intriguing 

If you are going with a dull and boring design of 2oz bottle printed boxes, no one will even see your product. 

This is obviously not what you are expecting from your custom box to do on market racks!

That’s why you must concentrate on designing your box with exciting and interactive templates. It must have allure, attraction, and uniqueness. 

It must draw buyers’ interest to your product even if it is displayed among hundreds of boxes at a time. 

Here if you don’t have an idea about box designing, then you can go with a packaging solution provider. They will assist you in customization and designing.

You can also design your box on your own or hire a graphic designer for it. Then you just simply need to give that soft copy of the design to a production unit. They will come with a box in your required design.

This is how you could make your printed boxes worth the while!

4. Product Security 

As we are talking about bottle packaging, we cannot ignore the factor of its safety here. If your customer is paying you for something, then he deserves to get that product safely at his door.

If they receive a damaged product, then you will not only have to pay for redelivery, but it will waste your product too.

Moreover, the chances are high that he will not buy your product again due to the poor quality of its packaging. 

Here you can follow these suggestions below to boost your boxes safety:

  • Inserts: Here, you can go with custom inserts to keep your bottles in place. It will also offer a unique opening experience. Inserts are not too costly, and keep your bottle safe inside.
  • Boxes in One Box: If you have multiple bottles, you can pack them in cardstock boxes and repack them in a large corrugated box to maximize their safety level for long-distance shipments.  

5. Balance between Packaging and Glass Bottles 

2oz bottle boxes are always failing that don’t have anything in common with the bottles packed inside. Perhaps you will be able to trap customers with the design of your box. But once they open the box and if there is not the same thing you were showing through a box, they will never buy from you again. 

That’s why never think that customers are a fool. They examine everything before paying. In this regard, you must show them exactly what you have inside the box. You can tell them about the features of your product.

Moreover, you can add a custom window over the board of your box. These small additions will increase the trust level of your customers, and they will become a part of your customer base.

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