Stacked Food Box (Jūbako) with Taro Plants and Chrysanthemums (mid-19th century). Late Edo (1615–1868)–early Meiji (1868–1912) period. Japan. Accession number: 2015.300.289a–g

Among all the packaging, custom boxes are the most popular and fantastic packaging boxes that you have come across. Every business is making the most out of retail stores to malls. Despite its higher demand, a lot of uncanny myths are flying around. But remember that you don’t need to worry. You simply ignore and do complete research before starting your business. Believing in these bizarre truths may hinder your growth. Packaging has become an essential aspect of every successful business. However, when choosing the packaging options, you can either go for a plain box or go for Custom Boxes.

When done correctly, Kraft packaging boxes have the most potential to generate revenue. Custom boxes can make your brand stand out in the market. But once in a while, you can come across people who still believe custom packaging is useless. Due to this, there are still common misconceptions and myths about Custom boxes that you should never believe.

Let us look at eight bizarre truths about Custom boxes that you never believe.

1.   Custom boxes are not versatile in use

Questioning the versatility of Custom boxes is as weird as it may sound. We are at a time when everything is updated and brand new. From small desk to stack tray. How can Kraft packaging aren’t versatile?

This is a myth that you should never believe. These boxes can be presented in uncountable and trendy ways. You can customise these tailor-made boxes the way you want. But remember that choose the right size and dimensions to make beneficial packaging for your product.

2.   Not durable enough

Protection is one of the essential considerations for all products. However, one of the widespread misunderstandings about custom Custom boxes is that they are protected and ineffective packaging boxes.

 If you believe in this truth, you must think about it again. Kraft packaging has been tested, and these boxes are long-lasting and durable enough to protect your product. Again it depends on the person; he must know the basic requirements of packaging.

3.   Custom boxes are not suitable for printing.

Many companies believe that custom boxes are not suitable for printing. However, this is not the truth. Kraft packaging boxes can be printed easily and are excellent for enhancing the products’ visual appeal, aiding in expanding the business’s reach and earning more significant market revenue. For getting custom-printed Custom boxes, there are heaps of printable designs that you can print on custom boxes easily.

4.   Custom boxes cannot be customised easily.

If you believe this truth that it’s time to laugh at this particular myth. The reality is quite the opposite. Custom boxes wholesale are highly flexible and can be moulded in any shape or size. Since they are made up of cardboard boxes, they are easily folded but also look unique. You can customise it in different shapes and sizes according to your style.

5.   Not an ideal option for shipment

Many people still believe that Custom boxes are not suitable for shipping purposes. So once again, there is nothing like that. They are made up of high-quality material, which makes them honest and trustworthy for long hours of shipments. Again remember to choose the suitable packaging layer to make your shipping process durable.

6.   Not an affordable option

Companies believe that using custom Custom boxes will necessarily break the bank. They have misconceptions that the price will increase when they order in bulk. However, the truth is the opposite. Kraft packaging is highly affordable, reducing the pressure on the budget. Moreover, purchasing them in bulk will further reduce the cost for you.

7.   It risks sustainability

The sustainability of packaging is one of the most important considerations for companies. People usually believe that Custom boxes are not eco-friendly and that using them can cause environmental problems. However, this is not the truth. Kraft and cardboard are 100% recyclable and organic materials.

8.   Branding potential is low in Custom boxes.

Everyone is in the race to make their brand stand out in this competitive market. Due to this, companies believe that only promotional activities can make their brand grow and boost sales. However, there is a misconception that custom-printed Custom boxes have a low branding potential and cannot market your brand effectively. However, the truth is the opposite. You can easily elevate your brand recognition in the market through printing and finishing techniques.

Final Words:

After reading the abovementioned misconceptions, I hope you are clear that these myths are wrong, and you should never believe this. As a consumer, it’s your job to handle such situations effectively or tackle the myth rather than believing them. So before starting, do research, drop your suspicion and let your business grow.