If you’re interested in getting your very own custom throw pillows, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few things to consider when buying this type of pillow. Double-sided printing, a durable material, and whether or not it is suitable for cold seasons are all important considerations.

Double-sided printing

Custom throw pillows with different shaped are a fun way to decorate your home. They can be adorned with your favorite photos, quotes, and scanned artwork. They can also be used as a gift for a special someone. You can choose to have them printed on one side or double-sided. These pillows can be purchased in various sizes and colors.

When you order custom-shaped pillows online, you should make sure that you choose a design that fits the pillow’s shape, size, and color. A good way to do this is by using a mockup generator, which allows you to preview your product before it ships. This tool is easy to use and requires only basic computer skills. You can also add a photo of your choice to a pillow to give your customers a personalized touch.

Custom shaped pillows can be printed on both sides. You can choose to have a photo of your choice or a family portrait printed on one side. You can also choose to have them dry-cleaned. Since custom-shaped pillows are made of 100% polyester, they are extremely comfortable to use. These pillows are perfect for a housewarming gift.

Durable material

When you’re ready to buy custom shaped throw pillows from Vograce, be sure to check out the fabric options. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of colors and designs, and you can choose from cotton or synthetic materials. Cotton is a very common fabric choice, and it’s soft to the touch and durable. It’s also stretchable in all four directions, making it an excellent choice for cold-weather environments.

When you’re ready to buy a custom-shaped pillow, be sure to look for a pillow that’s designed for comfort. It should be shaped without sharp corners or angles. Similarly, the edges shouldn’t be too deep. It should be wide enough to accommodate your head. At Vograce, we offer several styles of custom shaped pillows, as well as pillow protectors for them.

Custom pillows can be made from a variety of materials, including an old prom dress or a small pillow made from a silk prom gown. Although any material can be turned into a pillow, certain materials are better suited for this than others. For example, velvet is an expensive material, but it’s still a great choice for custom pillows. Its softness and sheen make it a popular material for pillows.

Vograce also offers custom keychains made from acrylic. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs, and Vograce can help you come up with the perfect design. These custom keychains make great gifts, and they’ll cheer up your recipient when they see them!

Suitable for cold seasons

You can find custom shaped throw pillows at Vograce to enhance the beauty of your living room. The company also provides other products, such as Dakimakura body pillows and nap throw pillows. Custom pillows are made to meet the specifications and preferences of the customer. The company can manufacture square, rectangular and shaped pillows, as per the requirement of the customer.

Cotton is a suitable material for custom shaped throw pillows, as it is relatively thick and soft to touch. It is also elastic and stretchable in four directions. Its surface is very soft, making it ideal for use during the cold seasons. However, it does take more time to manufacture custom shaped pillows compared to the keychains and key chains that we produce at Vograce. You can expect that regular orders of custom shaped throw pillows take about two weeks.


Vograce presents custom shaped throw pillows in various styles and shapes. Unlike square or round pillows, custom pillows are not only decorative, but are also functional. Many people are concerned about the type of pillow that they want, and there are many options. But what exactly is the difference between these types of pillows?

Custom pillows are made from high-quality fabrics, such as cotton, which has short fibers and is soft to the touch. It’s a good choice for cold climates because of its elasticity and stretchability in all directions. This fabric is not prone to fading, and therefore, requires a longer manufacturing time compared to other types of Vograce products. Regular orders of custom shaped throw pillows take approximately two weeks to complete.

Custom shaped throw pillows are available as store products, or you can order them to be made to order. Vograce is a well-known upholstery materials store, and they can make pillows to fit your specifications. Their prices are competitive and they can accommodate your needs and preferences.

A custom-designed body pillow can enhance the state of well-being, eliminating tiredness and stress. They are available in different sizes and materials, including cotton, latex, and memory foam. In addition to custom-shaped body pillows, Vograce also sells pillow protectors for them.


If you are looking for a pillow that lasts for many years, you’ll want to consider durable Vograce pillows. These pillows come in different sizes, styles, and materials. Choose from dakimakura body pillows to square pillows for napping. They also offer customized throw pillows.

They are also available in two-way tricot fabrics. These materials are more affordable but don’t retain the shape as well. In addition, twill pillows do not last as long and are less durable. The main drawback to twill is that it is more expensive to import from Japan.

Custom-made body pillows are great for promoting well-being and eliminating tiredness. These pillows are made of memory foam, latex, or cotton and are made to fit your head. Some of these pillows even have custom stickers on them! These body pillows are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and are priced from twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. You can also get pillow protectors for these custom body pillows.

Vograce is one of the best companies in the industry. They offer a variety of customized keychains and other items. Whether you are looking for a personalized keychain or want to show off your uniqueness, they have the product for you. Vograce also offers many other products, including watches, jewelry, and other products. All of their products are made with the latest materials and technologies, and you can get great customer service from them.