Want to know more about tape extensions? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about tape extensions before you make your purchase. Tape-ins are the latest hair trend worn by most celebrities nowadays. They are the best type of hair extensions. Tape extensions last the perfect amount of time (8-12 weeks), are reusable, take less than an hour to apply, and are undetectable. After wearing every type of hair extension out there, once you try tape extensions, you’ll wonder how you went through life without them.

Tape extensions are the best type

tape in hair extensions

Hair extensions have been around for a decade and are the number one requested hair extension method in salons. You can buy them in salons or online; they cost less than many other types of hair extensions because they take less time to apply.

However, before you buy tape-in extensions or trust your hair expert on their favorite brand, make sure you know what to look for when buying tape-ins. The last thing you want is to install your tape extensions balayage and find out that they have low-quality hair. A few brands out there do not have to sew lines. This type of hair sheds badly—in a few weeks, you will have less hair than before!

Tape extensions can be fine or coarse, depending on the brand of tape used (gel-based adhesives rip out your hair!). Discover your own what to look for before buying tape extensions.

Are extensions made of remy or non-remy hair?

remy hair extensions

You’ll want the best top remy hair if you go with tape extensions. The type of hair made for tape extensions can make a great experience or ruin your hair extension experience. Tape extensions aren’t like clips; you can take them out daily. You also should be able to reuse tape in hair extensions if you have a good brand of extensions.

When it comes to hair extensions, you want the best top remy hair—preferably double-drawn. Top remy hair extensions are hand-selected and specially processed to protect the entire cuticle shaft during processing; unlike low-quality remy hair, no harsh chemicals are used.

Single or double drawn for tape-ins

human hair extensions tape in – halo couture

Single-drawn hair extensions are the most popular among Halo Couture’s customers. Single-drawn extensions blend well and look very natural. However, Halo Couture’s true hair extension queens prefer double-drawn hair extensions. Double-drawn tape extensions create a tapered extension look that blends well with human hair. Our tape extensions come from the sew line—the unique line where tape weft and human hair meet to hold the extension together.

Other brands of tape extensions do not have a sewing line, so their extensions shed badly during use; this is one reason Halo Couture remains the best tape extension brand on the market. Halo Couture has been testing all brands to ensure that we remain the best tape extension on the market by using only high-quality ingredients.

Do the tape wefts have no seams?

Halo Couture’s tape extensions hold the weft and hair together with a unique sew line. This allows our customers to have a better experience with their extensions. The hair extensions create a shed and tangle-free experience.

On the other hand, other brands with just tape and hair (no-sew line) shed badly. Here at Halo Couture, we always test hair to ensure we remain the best tape extension in the US. We have seen two other major brands with no-sew lines shed badly; within a month, these clients experienced 25% less hair on their extensions because of shedding. Ensure that your tape extensions balayage have a sew line; this still makes our extensions lightweight and durable while allowing you to reuse them multiple times without losing any hair.