Fun is a thing, which is going to be around automatically whenever you and your friend are around each other. You want to do some fun activities with your friend, which can give a lot of new memories and unforgettable moments for both of you. Your friend may be a very important person in your life, and the importance of your friend, you get to understand when you want to have fun in your life. You and your friend may be together, and you both want to do some fun. But the problem with both of you is that you may not know about the activities, which you can do with your friend for some fun. Because fun is not a thing, which you can get in your life with anything. If you or anyone wants to have some fun in their life, then they need to do some activities. So you are going to get the names of some fun activities from here, which you can do with your friend. The activities are that thing, which you and your friend both going to enjoy, not only while performing it but after that also. 

Free events 

The fun level of that thing is going to increase more when you get that thing for free. This Isn’t the story of you and your friend only, but this is the story of almost everyone. You know some of the free events happen online also, so you can visit that site also, which you can use to buy rakhi online. So if you are thinking of doing some fun activities with your friend, then you can search for the free events also, which are happening in your area. Because of the feeling that a person gets when he gets to do so many things, and even without investing money, then the fun level goes higher. You can search for free events like music concerts, food festivals and other fun events, which can give you and your friend a lot of fun. 

Visit escape room 

You and your friend are going to love this activity because it has all the things that a person wants, in their life when the person wants to do some fun activities. The escape room is a thing, which is going to give you challenges, emotion, thrill, pain, fun and many more things also. So you and your friend are going to love the escape room very much. You and your friend want to win all the challenges of the escape room, and the fight which you do for it also gives you fun. 

Take photographs

If you are searching for that activity, which you perform one time, then you not only get the fun while performing it, but you can get the fun whenever you and your friend want. You can buy gifts online also if you are thinking of giving something to your friend. Then this activity is going to be the perfect one for you and your friend. So what you need to do with your friend is you just have to take photographs. But the photographs are not in simple poses, but you have to take the photographs in the weirdest and most funny poses, which you and your friend can. You and your friend are going to have a very big laugh and have a lot of fun, whenever both of you click the picture next time or get to see those photographs once again. This activity is going to be like a memory for both of you, which both of you are going to love very much. 

Go hiking 

Many people may not think about it, but adventure things give a lot of happiness and fun also to the person. This is because when a person does some adventure thing, then the person is going to get to experience some ever experienced things in his life. The same type of thing, you are also going to experience and have a lot of fun, when you go hiking with your friend. You and your friend are going to love hiking because it’s not only going to give a lot of fun to both of you. But this thing is going to make the friendship of both of you stronger also. 

The happy face of you is telling the whole story, of how much you are excited about doing these fun activities, with your friend. Because after seeing the fun activities, you can’t wait to do all these things. Because you know this thing, that your friend is going to enjoy these things as much as you are enjoying just by reading about them. So do these activities with your friends and have a lot of fun with your friend, which you will never forget in your life.