Catastrophic injuries are disheartening events which should not happen to any person. Imagine if you are doing your regular daily activities, and suddenly you are in a hospital bed, which restricts your movement for a long time. It is not even possible to imagine ourselves in such a condition. 

However, we always tend to save ourselves from such incidents; if there is any unfortunate event that we cannot ignore, then what are the options available to us? There are various legal options available, as you can file a case for personal injury in Bridgeport. There are various Bridgeport personal injury lawyer with whom you can consult and know more about your legal rights. 

What is a Catastrophic Injury? 

Catastrophic injury is an injury which denotes permanent change in your life. The injury is long-lasting and affects your life pattern. It has a direct and proximate impact on your body that restricts it from performing any productive activity. There is no particular injury which is under catastrophic injury, but it includes all those injuries which change the life of a person. For instance, injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones, burn injuries, or neurological injuries. 

What are the Long-Term Impacts of Catastrophic Injuries? 

Catastrophic injuries have long-term impacts, such as severe pain in the body for a long time, limited mobility, loss of independence, depression, anxiety and other issues in the body. The impact is not limited to physical and psychological problems; it also includes financial problems, as there is an increase in the burden of medical bills. 

If the catastrophic injury has taken place due to the negligence of another person, then that person is liable for the injuries. The victim can claim compensation for their damages. 

Therefore, a personal injury claim is possible in this case. The victim or their attorney has to prove the extent of injury, emotional distress and other evidence about how the victim is suffering. 

The compensation will include everything right from medical bills, lost wages, emotional and physical pain and estimated costs for future medical bills. In this case, the attorney must be experienced in dealing with the insurance company and the at-fault party. 

So, these are some of the important points of catastrophic injuries. If any of you or your loved ones have unfortunately faced it, then you must consult an experienced attorney for better advice in your case.