The Beyond Journey’s End manga series is a series about a girl who finds herself trapped in a mysterious world and must confront her fear of losing everyone she loves. Though the main character, Frieren, is somewhat dry, the other characters make up for it. Moreover, the story revolves around the idea of becoming aware of time and the relationship between two friends.

Frieren’s fear of losing anyone

It began serialization in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine in April 2020. In February 2021, VIZ Media licensed the series for manga publication. The series is based on the character Frieren.

In Beyond Journey’s End, Frieren, an elf mage, defeats the Demon King. However, her friends have separated, and she must come to terms with their mortality. In addition, she learns the meaning of life from humans.

Although Frieren is terrified of losing people, she accepts her fate as a wanderer. She also puts up her guard. However, her former adventuring party gives her the gift of a possible found family. However, since elves are aromantic, Frieren has never had the desire to have romantic relationships or to have a family. Her feelings for Himmel never developed to the point of romance.

After the main adventure quest, Frieren is sent on another quest by Eisen. He wants to see the Demon King’s castle, where he can talk to his lost friends. However, Frieren’s fear of losing anyone in Beyond Journey’s End manga is not unfounded. It makes the series’ treatment of time a little more interesting. While there is no real sense of years and decades in this series, the reader will still be surprised by the effects of the events on Frieren.

Her relationship with Fern

In Beyond Journey’s End, the alien Frieren is unable to understand the world around him and thus desperately tries to make connections with humans. He eventually meets new party member Fern and begins to explore the human condition. Although their relationship is strained at times, they remain steadfastly committed to one another and develop a beautiful bond.

Fern and Frieren are both friends. One day, they decide to go shopping together. However, Fern notices that Frieren seems to be spending a lot of money on unnecessary things. This is when Fern begins to worry that Frieren is hiding something from her. This leads Fern to begin chasing after him.

The two friends soon realize that they must do something together. Fern wants to give Frieren a gift that will make him happier. She is unsure of what to give him. However, Frieren has some ideas. Besides finding a gift, Frieren also tries to find a way to make the town safe.

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Her fear of losing anyone

A melancholic tone and beautiful fantasy artwork are the two key elements of Frieren, a manga that echoes the style of Iyashikei and works to soothe the reader with its contemplation on grief. Drawings by Tsukasa Abe depict beautiful stillness and a world that slowly ages around Frieren.

Himmel’s character, meanwhile, is absent from the book for most of the volume, but his presence is felt throughout the story. He may have attempted to break down Frieren’s wall, either as a friend or a romantic interest, but Frieren was oblivious to his intentions and her actions never came to fruition. Another common theme in the manga is the preservation of memories. As Frieren learns more, her memories take on more meaning.

When Frieren’s old party reunites with her fifty-year-old self, he’s struck by how much time has passed. Both the humans and dwarves are aging, and he questions whether he wasted too much time with them instead of enjoying his deep friendships.