Gas appliances are now used in almost every home. Be careful when using tools. Otherwise, it may cause life-threatening accidents. Gas Safety Certificate Cost London is important for landlords and tenants. A gas safety certificate is a document that must be filled out when conducting gas safety management for gas appliances. Records all devices checked, issues resolved, engineer details, owner details, etc.

Top 10 UK Gas Safety Certification Bodies

This article describes the 10 best gas safety certification bodies currently operating in the United Kingdom.

1.London Gas Safety Certificate Ltd.

It is first on the list and covers most of London. Gas Safety Certificate Cost London issues residential and commercial gas safety certificates. The agency is freely staffed with engineers who specialize in gas safety from the very beginning to the moment of issuing the cp12 gas safety certificate.

  • Prices vary depending on the number of household appliances.
  • An apartment with 1-2 appliances costs £75.
  • A house with four appliances is £90.
  • A home with central heating is £120.

2. Gas Safe Consultants Limited

Gas Safe Consultants Limited is his second largest listing agent in the UK. The best thing about the agency is that they provide gas safety certificates and training on the use of gas safety tools.Services include gas safety training from experienced professionals, online training for gas appliance users, refresher training, gas safety compliance and gas safety consulting.

In addition, London Property Inspection has engineers to meet every need, whether it’s for your home, business, or multinational company. All you need to do is contact them and schedule an appointment to pick up your certificate.

3. Owner gas safety certificate

Landlord Gas Safety Certification is an agency operating in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas. The institution has issued over 40 certificates and the Gas Safety Certificate Cost London is one of them. This agency has a huge network of clients as it is made up of the best engineers in the industry and works with the utmost professionalism.

LPI provides certification for all gas appliances in homes, offices and businesses. Engineers perform detailed tests on each vehicle before issuing a certificate.

4. Center for Gas Education and Evaluation

GTA he founded 20 years ago and has been helping people with gas, electric and plumbing training ever since. GTA has qualified Gas Safety Engineers who know the value of a satisfied customer. This is due to the efforts of our dedicated employees who have helped GTA acquire a wide range of satisfied customers.

The friendly environment helps homeowners and homeowners learn techniques related to gas appliances that help them solve minor problems.

5. Symple

Symple is another of his UK-based agencies, and its uniqueness lies in the way it operates. After registering, enter the property details and last inspection date. The agency will be responsible for the next inspection and the service provider (Gas Security Technician) will come and inspect the equipment and receive the certificate.

In addition, the agency provides gas safety services and specializes in the installation of electrical equipment and residential energy efficiency certificates.

6. Property

PropCert is another agency that operates in the UK and elsewhere. He has performed over 10,000 inspections and has satisfied over 10,000 of his customers, including landlords and owners.

The institution has qualified engineers to issue certificates for energy efficiency, gas safety, pneumatics, ventilation, etc. In addition, the agency also works on heating systems and charging devices. If you need a certificate, please contact PropCert.

7. Quinnergy

Quinnergy is an agency that specializes in both homeowners and homeowners. It helps landlords take care of tenants and landlords take care of their homes.The great thing about this agency is that training and testing consist of labor and parts included in the package. You can call our engineers as many times as you like and the price will never change suddenly.

If you are a homeowner or landlord and have concerns about using gas appliances, contact Quinnergy and leave the rest to the professionals.

8. Blue Flame Gas UK

Blue Flame Gas UK covers everything from installation to service and repair. The agency has been in operation since 2007 and has helped many people with their gas safety certification needs.

  • Service included.
  • Service, installation and repair of gas boilers.
  • Service and installation of gas fire extinguishers.
  • Stove service and installation.
  • Upgrade of the central heating system.
  • Owner’s security certificate.

Our agents are accredited and you can contact us for a free quote before you receive our full service.

9. UK certificate

UK Certification conducts gas safety testing for commercial and residential buildings and teaches students who want to learn the art of gas safety. The institution was founded by him in 2005 to provide quality education to qualified students and help people take gas safety measures. British Certification offers courses in gas, electrical, plumbing and heating. The process is easy. Contact your distributor and they will send the best engineer to make your tool safe to use.

10. Proactive Gas Safety Limited

Proactive Gas Safety Limited provides training and testing for all types of gas equipment. The agency offers training, online training and seminars where you can improve your theoretical knowledge.

Tests include compressed gas safety, oxy-fuel gas safety, LPG gas safety, medical gas safety, compressed air safety and more. Engineers of London Property Inspections check all tools at work or at home to reduce the risk of accidents.


The multitude of gas appliances in our homes and places shows that no home or workplace is complete without gas. Given the increase in accidents, it’s important to keep your devices safe. The above bodies are the UK’s premier Gas Safety Certificate Cost London. Please feel free to contact us so that you can use your gas appliances safely and with peace of mind. That’s all for today’s article. Please give us your valuable feedback in the comments. Thank you very much.