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Goth-inspired 80s fashion was one of the darker styles that saw a lot of runway utilization. 1980 to 1989 brought about many variations of punk and new styles such as Goth. The style got its roots in Punk music and literature. In the early 1980s, punks were among those who stood out from society wearing torn clothing. They wore ripped T-shirts with holes, chains, and spikes, which became a postmodernist symbol for anarchy and rebellion instead of conforming to society’s rules and traditions, especially those they didn’t like.

At first, people started calling this dark style New Romantic until it evolved into Gothic, where black clothes were typically worn for gloomy purposes aside from its “fashionable” appeal. The dark style popular during the 80s was about clothes, makeup, and hairstyles that made a character look more sinister, pale, and gaunt-like. Lipstick would be stained with black or blood-red shades of color, perfect for women who have a fair skin tone.

Heavy mascara from top to bottom eyelashes was used to accent on eyes often lined with kohl eyeliner, giving off a mysterious vibe. Eyebrows were thinned out, as well as hair dyed in raven black. In the mid-1980s, there was a rise in Gothic rock bands such as Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, and many that adopted these goth styles.

The initial Goth fad died down but was revived by the late 80s, where heavy metal music and grunge culture greatly impacted how people dressed.

Goth 80s fashion clothing styles:

Goth-style clothes have a distinctive look, so finding goths in public is easy. Goths are often seen wearing fantasy-themed clothing, especially black religious robes or dresses. Also famous is a punk style leather jacket with spikes, or an elegant dress for women. This unique brand of dark clothing often has velvet trim on cuffs and collars, lace around sleeves and hemlines, skull prints, fishnet stockings, Victorian-style brooches, and other accessories. Even though the ‘goth look’ isn’t necessarily always black these days, some staples are still essential for any wannabe goth girl or boy.

In addition to the clothing, goth makeup is also quite easily identifiable. Goths often have ashen skin, black lips, and dark eyeshadow. They might also have tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications. The hairstyle of choice is usually long and straight with lots of volumes, although it can be spiky if you’re going for a punk look.

Getting goth style is not difficult, just some basics like black clothing, pale makeup, and lots of accessories will do the trick.

Here are some famous examples of the goth style:

  1. Ethereal
  2. Romantic
  3. Victorian gothic styles
  4. Dark colors sometimes it’s referred to as new wave or death rocker style
  5. Minimalistic makeup: Pale skin tone, Kohl-lined eyes with black eyeliner and mascara on top and bottom lashes, and eyebrows thinned out. Hair dyed in black and worn long with teased bangs/fringe brushed to one side.

Goth 80s fashion accessories:

  1. Chains
  2. Spikes
  3. Leather straps
  4. Crosses
  5. Gothic rings and bracelets
  6. Dark sunglasses

If you want to achieve a goth look, start by choosing dark colors like black, navy blue, or burgundy for your clothing. Go for minimalistic makeup with pale skin tones and kohl-lined eyes. Wear hair long and straight with lots of volumes, and teased bangs/fringe brushed to one side. Accessorize with chains, spikes, and leather straps. Experiment with different clothes such as leather jackets, fishnet stockings, or torn jeans.

How to dress like a goth 80s?

  • Suppose you’re wondering how to dress like a goth. All you need is black clothing and dark accessories, like silver skulls or religious symbols. Goth makeup is also easily recognizable, it usually involves pale skin, dark eyeliner, and very dark lipstick for women; men will wear plain black. If you want to find out more about dressing like a goth, keep reading!
  • Use corsets if you’re not naturally skinny but still want to create the goth look with your body. They can help define your waist, which is excellent if you go for an ‘underfed’ look. You can even buy corset training belts so that people think you’ve had them on forever rather than wearing one because it makes you feel sexy.
  • If you’re a guy and you want to wear skirts or dresses to get the goth look, go for it! Just make sure that they’re not too feminine or pretty, something with an edge is perfect. And if you don’t feel comfortable in skirts, why not try trousers or jeans with lots of rips and tears?
  • When choosing what to wear, it’s important to experiment. Goth isn’t about following trends and it’s about creating your unique style. So go ahead and mix different types– try punk with lace or Goth with glamour. You might end up with a look that’s all your own!
  • One last thing, don’t forget the accessories! Gothic jewelry is perfect for finishing off your look, and you can find everything from simple silver crosses to elaborate statement necklaces. And don’t forget about hats! They can be a great way to add personality to an outfit, and there are lots of different goth styles to choose from.


So, now you know how to dress like a goth. Just remember, it’s all about expressing yourself and having fun with your clothes! So go out and experiment, and see what works best for you. Goth clothing style is all about feeling comfortable in your skin and standing out from the crowd.


  • What do you think of the “goth” 80s fashion?

It often has a high quality, but it can sometimes lack cohesion.

  • What are some key pieces of “goth” 80s fashion?

Some key pieces include lace collars, velvet, and earth tones.

  • What is the difference between “goth” 80s and modern goth fashion?

There are a few key differences. For example, modern goth fashion often features blacker, including fishnets.

  • How do you style “goth” 80s fashion?

It can be styled with dramatic or straightforward makeup, depending on the occasion.

  • What are some essential accessories for this look?

Some essential accessories include black lace gloves, chokers, and hats.