Dementia can bring many changes to a person’s life, including the ones around them. People with dementia usually feel much happier in their known surroundings. But not everyone has experience in taking care of people with dementia. With the appropriate care and expertise, even they can lead a regular and happy life. Dementia nursing home makes it possible to live their lives to the fullest! 

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a complicated condition that affects memory, cognition, and behaviour. Although the occasional forgetfulness associated with age is accepted, significant memory loss is not. Dementia makes it difficult to do daily tasks too. An illness in and of itself, dementia is not.

Instead, the phrase refers to a broad spectrum of medical conditions caused by unusual changes in the brain. 

Their capacity to operate in everyday life is compromised. The deterioration in cognitive abilities brought on by dementia. 14% of people over 70 are affected by dementia. 

They might not be able to utilize or identify nearby things. Daily tasks become increasingly challenging. They could retreat or get irritable, perplexed, irritated, or even violent. The way to help them is unknown to the family. They lack knowledge about caring abilities, resources, and assistance. They believe the individual is experiencing typical old age issues.

There are different types of dementia, but the most prevalent ones are four types. Those are – 

  • Alzheimer’s disease – As far as dementia goes, Alzheimer’s disease is the most predominant.
  • Vascular dementia – Planning or organizing issues, decision-making issues, or difficulty addressing difficulties are typical early indicators of vascular dementia.
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) – Having trouble focusing, having delusions, having a problem moving around, and having trouble sleeping are all signs of DLB.
  • Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) – One of the less frequent forms of dementia is frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Changes in attitude and behaviour, as well as language impairments, are recurring signs of FTD.

What Is Dementia Care?

With the appropriate care and attention, people with dementia can lead lives filled with opportunities and goals! Dementia care empowers them to live fulfilling lives. It allows them to live along with their friends and family.

During dementia care, they will have an expert with them all day and night. They will take care of the patient and comforts them. It is a specialized support system created to assist people with dementia. The caregivers have expertise and training in taking care of dementia patients.

Misconceptions About Dementia

Many family members and caregivers are perplexed by the many dementia theories. The effects of dementia on people are one such element. According to some reports, people with dementia are inert and incapable of acting, using terms like not quite there or missing. It is deceptive. With better assistance, people with dementia can enjoy active and fulfilling lives. 

Other accounts portray them as irrational, aggressive, and violent. However, not all dementia patients exhibit agitation or other unsettling behaviours. The environment, activities, and contacts are only a few of the numerous aspects that influence behaviour, and they may all change to less problematic behaviour. 

Why Is Dementia Care Better?

Experts in dementia care use a compassionate and person-centred approach to care for those with dementia. They are aware that seeking assistance with dementia care may be intimidating, perplexing, and frightening for families. 

Achieving proper dementia care is crucial on several levels. When treated with decency and respect, they can keep as much of their original identity as possible, reducing anxiety for the patient and their family. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding dementia. Appropriate care can minimize the adverse effects of dementia’s unpredictable course. 

Advanced dementia care residential homes are now more accessible for many. They are a better choice because of many reasons. They provide comfort, assurance, and assistance on both an emotional and practical level. They also make personalized diaries and memory aid for persons with dementia. Their cutting-edge phased lighting and dementia-friendly furniture, which is visually soothing and helpful, help the patients to live better there. 


The quality of life for people with dementia improved a lot more than before. Dementia care has become much more mainstream now. Diagnosis for the same is provided in many places. Family support services became accessible to the public. It makes the world better for everyone, one step at a time!