In order to become legal in any country, you must undergo a number of procedures. Whether you’re thinking of studying abroad or settling down for the long term, or exploring and expanding your business, getting an apostille attestation of documents is necessary. Having an apostille stamp on your certificate or document indicates that it has been legalized.

What does Apostille Stands For?

Putting an Apostille sticker on your documents from the country of origin certifies that the document will be accepted in another country. Individuals can continue working, trading, and living their lives without having to deal with legal issues.

Assuring the authenticity, legalization, and certification of documents is accomplished with an apostille. With an Apostille, documents are legalized to ensure their authenticity and validity across the globe by simplifying the legalization process. It requires an official stamp from the legal department, an apostille sticker, and an apostille sticker while apostilling a document.

A Unique Identification Number is printed on the back of documents with this sticker, which is generated online. A more convenient way for the concerned authorities to check records is by storing them online. It is usually not necessary for the MEA to provide any additional stamping or certification once the Apostille sticker has been pasted on the document.

According to the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention, apostilled documents are supposed to use between movements in member countries of Hague Convention. The statement was that a document that is an apostille stamped by one country does not require any other attestation to use in other 115 member countries.

In order to mark the authenticity of a certificate, an apostille stamp or sticker is applied. The entire process is digitalized in order to enable government authorities to check without having to go through any hassles. A notary document and the authorized document are transferred once they have been authorized and verified.

Are Apostilles Stamps Necessary?

Documents that have been legalized by an apostille stamp are declared to be valid in Dubai, a country that accepts the apostille stamp. The apostilles are often required when applying for employment in certain countries like Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.

In these countries, an apostille is used to legalize documents so that they can be used without further legalization. It is necessary to have an Apostille on a document in order for it to be accepted in a country. The Apostille is a globally recognised stamp.

As part of the visa application process, documents must be legalized or apostilled by various government departments, including the Embassy, the MEA, the State Government, the State Department of Education, Human Resources, and Notaries.

As long as the documents have been apostilled by the Embassy or Consulate in your country, you can travel to any member country of the Hague Convention.

An Apostille of a document costs Rs. 50-100 from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. In order to obtain an Apostille, applicants must submit and collect documents from trustworthy agencies like Sublime Attestation & Visa Services Pvt. Ltd, because the Ministry of External Affairs does not accept documents directly from applicants.

Outsourced agencies will charge a fee of Rs. 90-15o rupees for the collection and delivery of documents to the Ministry of External Affairs for Apostille Attestation, and Rs. 3-4 rupees per page for scanning.

What is the Hague Convention?

On 5 October 1961, a number of nations approved the Hague Convention to simplify the process of authenticating immigration documents. As a member of the Hague convention, a country is not required to ask another member for an Embassy attestation.

As part of the Hague convention, members need to submit the following documents:

  1. A court’s documents
  2. Administrative documents
  3. Significance of Notarial Acts
  4. A copy of the official status document

Attestations required documents such as educational, commercial, and personal. As a general rule, the Apostille Process comprises three steps: 

  1. An official notary is required for the certification of personal and study documents.
  2. Government of a state 
  3. In order to legalize MEAs, the first step is to verify them with the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. External Affairs Ministry (MEA)
  5. In the last step, the applicant’s application is dispatched with attested documents with Apostilles

Why is an Apostille Requirement Necessary In India?

Indian membership in the Hague Convention began in 2005, and virtually all nations recognize it. Education visas, work visas, and permanent settlement visas are needed if you are traveling for education, work, or permanent settlement.

An apostille sticker is typically provided by the Ministry of External Affairs. We inspect every detail before authorizing, from the most basic to the most complex. In this case, it would last six months.

In order to obtain an apostille, you need to be aware of the following procedures:

  1. Certificate of Apostille for Private Records
  2. Apostilles are used for personal data, such as birth records, adoption deeds, marriage certificates, and other important documents. As part of the process, a Notary and SDM attestation are obtained, followed by an apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Whether you require attestation & apostille services or visas and other translation services, our experts can provide you with general information about every country’s attestation, apostille, and visa procedures. 

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