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Within the one-of-a-kind duties to sell the virtual transformation of Spanish SMEs, CEL, COMETIC, and GAIA will lead the European assignment Gamemaster, through which six experimentation laboratories might be opened in Spain, France, and Portugal a great way to use video games, gamification, and intelligence technology visible to help the innovation of businesses and, specifically, SMEs.

Digital transformation is a key competitive element for corporations and, in modern years, solutions based totally on video game era had been pioneers in providing gear that facilitate this machine. According to records from the White Paper on Spanish Video Game Development 2019, up to 23% of Spanish video game organizations broaden “Serious Games”, that is, they use expertise, dynamics, and activity strategies, to sell the virtual transformation of many business corporation sectors.

Augmented truth, virtual reality, and blended truth are the immersive era that permit the virtualization and monitoring of a business plant; the appearance of virtual twins that analyze statistics, the creation of simulation programs of various eventualities, and an endless variety of “Serious Games” and gamified systems applicable to areas which include education and personnel training or help for progressive advertising and marketing of products and services.

Precisely thru this network of six Gamemaster demonstration canters, organizations will no longer only have a space wherein they could take a look at and check their answers and learn about applicable instances of the application to more than one region but also via democratization and get right of entry to disruptive generation, the creation of a wise, progressive and sustainable enterprise.

In this enjoy, the undertaking will produce an internet catalo of corporations, era, and proper practices relevant to unique strategic sectors along with Logistics, Industrial Technologies, Aerospace, Health, Commerce, and Tourism. The laboratories, so as to be interconnected and could permit actual-time access to answers, instances, and memories that can be tested regardless of the vicinity of the organizations, will provide training services, individual advice, pilots, and will put together activities and sectoral meetings, among different sports activities.

This experience will be seeking out to be replicated in other international locations and territories of Europe and Latin America. To this end, GAMELabsNET can have a technique and Model for a Demonstration Centre for Visual and Gamification Technologies, as a way to establish the bases for advancing the sustainability and switch of the Network past its scope within the project and will have as a reference for the successful experience BasquegameLAB, the Video baccarat (บาคาร่า) Game Industrial Laboratory located in Bilbao.

It may also deal with the ICT industry, in search of to create an innovation surroundings for those technologies, selling the consolidation of Start-ups, and SMEs, and growing a charge chain from cooperation with one-of-a-kind organizations, to extend a powerful benchmark offer in some unspecified time in the future of Europe.

The undertaking, GAMELabsNET, is financed with the aid of the usage of the Interreg Sudor software, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technology of the Basque Country (GAIA), the Spanish Logistics Centre ( CEL), the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria in Portugal, and the French entities Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pau, the National Institute of the Jean François Champollion University and the Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technologies, ESTIA.

In the case of Spain, GAMELabsNET additionally has as a good deal as 9 collaborating entities, along with the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB), the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers the Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM) and the Association of Basque Companies in the Video Game Sector (Basque game).