To facilitate the purchase process on Alibaba from Arabic, we will see a detailed guide on all the steps to follow to do it effectively.

  • Registration and verification

The first step is very simple, we will only have to enter the official Alibaba website ( and register in the upper right corner. In case we already have an account on the platform, we must click on the “Identify” option.

In the registration process, we will have to fill in the fields provided by the web, including our category امازون بالعربي and the name of the company. After that, we will only have to confirm our account in the email, and we will be able to enjoy the Alibaba interface in its entirety.

  • Product Search

Once we have our account active, it is time to search for the products that we want to import to Arabic. To do this, we will have to go to the search bar located at the top of the platform, and define one or more words that refer to the good we are looking for.

  • Filtering options

We will probably find thousands of products and suppliers with different characteristics and origins, so it is convenient to filter them to adapt the search to our needs. To limit the result, we have different options available: product category, supplier location, minimum quantities to order, material, region…

  • Contact with the supplier and agreement

Once we find the perfect product, it is time to have contact with the supplier that offers it, something that can be done in the platform’s own chat, or via email. At this point, all that remains is to talk with him to agree on delivery times, amounts and payment method, and close the definitive agreement for the importation of the merchandise.

Pros and cons of buying merchandise on Alibaba

Like any platform, Alibaba has its pros and cons when it comes to trusting its suppliers. We will see what are the most influential factors in each aspect, in order to help when making business decisions on the Chinese portal.

Advantages of buying on Alibaba

  • Wide variety of product offerings. Being such a large and important supplier marketplace, there is a massive offer in all sectors of activity. Therefore, we can enjoy variety when it comes to filtering the products available on the web.
  • High competitiveness. Since there are so many providers, competition between them is very high, guaranteeing the best prices to customers at all times.
  • Ease of use. As we have seen in the buying guide, the platform has a very intuitive interface, and its use does not require extraordinary training or training, taking very little time for the professionals in charge.
  • International suppliers. Although the vast majority of suppliers come from China, the platform allows companies from anywhere in the world, making it a way to find products with varied origins.

Disadvantages of buying on Alibaba

  • Products not very faithful to reality. Many suppliers offer high-end products at very low prices, claiming that they are original models. In these cases, it is advisable to exercise caution and verify the integrity of the seller, since it is possible that it is a cheap replica.
  • Scams by some providers. Because registration on the platform is free, some of the sellers will be fake accounts with the intention of scamming users.
  • Insecure payment methods. Some of the providers require the use of insecure or unsecured payment methods. In these cases, another seller should be found, as it may be a scam and the products will never arrive.

Alibaba is the leading B2B business in the international market, operating as a platform where any supplier can advertise and sell their products, exporting them anywhere in the world.