Cleaning the PC and laptop can be challenging, but fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to keep them in pristine condition. Firstly, remember to clean the surface of your keyboard and mouse using a dry microfiber cloth. These surfaces often harbor germs and bacteria. Best PC and Laptop Providers By World PC Tech

Isopropyl alcohol

You can clean your PC or laptop using isopropyl alcohol, which is available in drugstores and supermarkets. Alcohol is a non-conductive liquid that dries quickly. However, it is important to follow safety measures, especially when using alcohol to clean your PC, because it can cause injury if sprayed directly on the screen. Another important precaution is to avoid leaving too much alcohol behind the frame or on the keyboard.

Using isopropyl alcohol to clean your PC and laptop will help prevent bacterial growth. It can be used to disinfect the keyboard and trackpad and even the PC’s exterior. However, it should not be use to clean the LCD screen. Alcohol may damage the LCD, which is why HP recommends using disinfectant wipes instead of alcohol.

Compressed air

While compressed air is an excellent cleaning tool, it can be expensive. Not only does it clean your PC, it can also remove unwanted dust and dirt from your peripherals, such as the keyboard. Some people also find compressed air to be an effective alternative to a vacuum. Compressed air can also clean the outside of your laptop, including its vents.

When you use compressed air to clean your laptop, it is important to remember to turn off the computer and unplug it from the power source. Once the computer is turn off, open the case of your laptop and blow out dust and debris from it. You will need to be careful not to spray too much air on the motherboard, memory, processor, or any expansion cards.

Wipe down your keyboard

Wiping down your keyboard is an important step when cleaning your PC or laptop. Dust and other particles can get stuck in between the keys and clog the keyboard. Often, this debris is visible to the naked eye, but you can also shake the keyboard to remove these particles. Once the dust is off, use a towel to pat your keyboard dry. You can also use a silicone keyboard cover to protect your keyboard from dirt and spills.

Using a soft cloth to wipe down your keyboard is another good way to eliminate bacteria and other germs. Microfiber cloths are best for this, but other materials can work as well. When cleaning your keyboard, try to avoid using a cloth soaked in bleach, as it can damage the hardware of your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol on your mouse

You can use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the mouse’s exterior, including the buttons and crevices. You should only use a small amount, and you should make sure that the cloth is damp, not dripping. You can also use a Q-tip soaked in alcohol.

First, you need to clean the scroll wheel. To do this, roll it back and forth. Then, wipe down the area with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a toothpick to clean the sensitive areas.

Cleaning your laptop’s touchpad

Cleaning your laptop’s touchpad requires a few simple steps. Start by shutting down your laptop and disconnecting the battery or charger. Once the laptop is unplugged, you can wipe the touchpad with a microfiber cloth. Make sure not to get the cloth into any open spaces surrounding the touchpad. If your touchpad is particularly dirty, you can also use water.

When you’re done with the soaking process, wipe the touchpad with a soft dry cloth. Be sure to avoid getting water on the touchpad’s boundaries, as this could cause problems in the future. Using compressed air is another way to clean the touchpad.

Cleaning your computer’s fans

Cleaning your computer’s fans is a simple process that will help keep them operating at their optimum level. You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the fan blades. After cleaning, you should spin the fan to ensure the edges are moving freely. This will remove most of the dust, but some dust will remain. More Info

To clean your computer’s fans, you need to first remove the side panel to access the fan. Then, use compressed air or soft, dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust. To remove even harder particles, use compressed air to clean the inside of the fan.