To discover how to monetize your youtube channel is the next step for content creators who want to partner with the platform.

As a YouTube partner, your channel will be eligible to monetize lives and videos, meaning you can start earning money by creating content.

However, there are some requirements that creators need to follow.

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How the YouTube Partner Program works

To become a partner and earn money by creating videos on YouTube, it is first essential to comply with channel monetization policies. There, the platform shows which criteria are analyzed by YouTube to allow monetization:

This assessment is carried out to verify that your content matches YouTube’s policies, after all, the platform does not offer monetization for spam, deceptive practices and sensitive content. You can check out more details about the community policies by clicking here: Comprar 4 mil horas no YouTube

Requirements to enable monetization on your channel

You can submit a monetization request for review via the creator dashboard of YouTube Studio (Web). To do this, simply access the “Monetization” tab and click on “Submit analysis request”. Your channel will be eligible for review when it meets these requirements.

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What are YouTube monetization methods?

There are many ways to make money with the YouTube Partner Program. These are the main monetization methods you can receive for producing content:

  • advertising revenue: in this modality you receive money through ads shown in video;
  • channel clubs: this feature allows your subscribers to become members through a monthly subscription to support content creation in exchange for special benefits offered by you;
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: in this mode, fans can send contributions and messages that are highlighted in the chat of their live broadcasts;
  • Channel product shelf: it is also possible to add official stores and products from your channel, this option is available on your watch pages to direct subscribers;
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: Creators receive a portion of a Premium user’s subscription fee when they watch their content.

How to enable video monetization on your channel

With the request approved, you just need to link your YouTube channel to Google AdSense (Web). This platform is a dashboard where all the profit you make from YouTube is transferred. In this panel, you can register a bank that converts the dollar amount to receive the revenue generated by your content.

 You can calculate an estimated earnings on the Google Ads website (Screenshot: Canaltech/Felipe Freitas)

YouTube Shorts Reward Fund

We also have something new: in order to encourage creators to use the new YouTube Shorts tool, the platform has created a reward fund that will distribute money to creators who are publishing original, creative and amazing short videos for the community. You can check more details by clicking here.

These tips make it easier to start monetizing your YouTube channel. After all, in addition to creating videos about what you like, it’s also great to make money creating content on the platform. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends.Post navigation Read more