The lymphatic system in your body helps to remove waste from your body. If you have a healthy and active lymphatic system, it will use the smooth muscle tissue to perform this. Although operations, health conditions, and other medicinal consumptions can lead fluids to store in your lymph system and nodes. This condition is called lymphedema.

If you have ever undergone an operation that involves your lymphatic system, your physician might have advised you to undergo a lymphatic drainage massage in a certified massage center. Even though this massage is not suggested for people with conditions like liver and kidney problems. Let us discuss how to perform lymphatic drainage cream massage:


Surgeries or any methods which affect your lymph node might lead to a side effect known as lymphedema. This condition will cause in a region around the surgical site. For instance, if you had your lymph system removed as part of your left breast cancer. Lymphedema will be caused in your left breast area, not your right breast area.

This condition may also be caused due to congestive heart failure and blood clots in your heart. To remove toxic fluids from your damaged region, getting a lymphatic massage will help. You can only get rid of lymphedema by doing lymphatic massages. 

Reabsorption and clearing:

There are two types of lymphatic massages available. They are reabsorption and clearing. The clearing lymphatic massage’s purpose is to produce a vacuum pressure gently in the affected region. So that is where the fluids are removed by the flushing effect. After this massage type, cognitive health supplements may be given as medicine.

This clearing massage technique involves supraclavicular and axillary lymph areas. The supraclavicular lymph area is located under your collarbone. The axillary lymph area is located under your arms. Clearing massage will be done ten times per day. You should get a massage not only on the side with lymphedema but also on the other side of your body. 

A guide on clearing:

There are three levels in the clearing. You should ensure to clear the supraclavicular and axillary lymph areas along with the inner elbow region. The massage therapists will use the lymphatic drainage cream in the clearing massage technique. To start clearing the supraclavicular lymph area, the therapists begin by lying on a flat massage table.

You should cross your arms and rest them under the collarbone. Then lift the arms slowly. The pressure must be as required as possible to flush out the toxic fluids in that region. To start clearing the axillary lymph area, the therapists start by lying one arm above your head. 

Lymphatic massage on the legs:

The lymphatic massage performed on the legs is to unclog the lymphatic vessels. This will let the excess fluids drain back to the lymph nodes. There are various methods applied to undergo lymphatic massage on the legs. But the expected result will be the same as the clearing massage technique. That is to drain the fluids back to the lymph nodes.

To perform lymphatic massage on the legs, you should follow the tips. Before massaging the legs, begin massaging the upper body. Follow the steps mentioned in the clearing massage techniques. This makes sure that the lymph system is clear to allow the fluid to drain back. 

Guide on reabsorption:

Another level of lymphatic massage is reabsorption. To perform this massage technique, start at the affected region of your body to the core. For instance, begin at your fingertips if you have lymphedema in your arm, shoulder, or hands. You should massage with gentle pressure to shift the skin’s surface. The massage should be from fingertip to hand, hand to elbow, and elbow to shoulder.

A doctor advises every man and woman to do a lymphatic massage for at least twenty minutes daily. You should massage your legs in a pumping motion to drain the fluids. If you don’t have a lot of time, then you should undergo at least a clearing massage technique. 

Summing it up:

Thus the article mentioned above will help you understand how to perform lymphatic drainage cream massage. If you feel any inconvenience in your surgical areas. If you had any surgeries and had your lymph node removed, then you should consult a physician. It may be because of lymphedema.