The most common misconception of lash extensions is that once you put the lash on, you are done and no maintenance is required. Some of the amateur eyelash salons in Gurgaon have a bad habit of deceiving clients into thinking so. They believe that if a client is fooled once they will keep coming to their doorsteps redundantly. Happily, that is not the case with so much information online. That is why KA-RAS feels obligated to inform all the beautiful ladies about how affordable eyelash extensions can be given you maintain them as instructed.

 It will be not wrong to state that applying a lash extension may be cheaper than applying mascara or false eyelashes every day but still, it not a done and dusted kind of a deal. KA-RAS services gladly provide you with some insights to make your eyelash extensions survive longer.

1. Handle with care

Your lashes will stay longer if you don’t interfere with them too much. Thus, refrain from pulling, rubbing, or plucking when using eyelash extensions. Rubbing and fiddling with your lash line frequently could result in your extensions coming out too soon. No one wants that? Occasionally you might have a natural itch, under this happenstance gently rub your eyelid in a circular motion. You can even use a mascara wand to gently relieve yourself from the itch. Absolutely avoid tugging or scratching.

 2. Clean and Brush Daily

Keeping your lashes clean is one of the simplest ways to increase their lifespan. That includes continuing with daily face cleansing as part of your daily regimen. The good news is that there isn’t a new chore for you if the suds and scrubbing have already been built in. The easiest approach to keep your lashes clean and firmly in place is to use either of the oil-free, unscented lash extension-safe solutions. You should make sure to brush your lashes every morning with a clean mascara wand in addition to washing them every day. Your lashes might tangle and flip to the side while you’re sleeping, so the key to maintaining them in place is to softly brush through and fluff them.

Professional Eyelash Salons in Gurgaon suggests the following easy steps for clean eyelash extensions-

  • Use unscented cleanser
  • Use a lash cleaning brush to clean the lash line
  • Rinse

3. Use of lash extension-friendly products

As a rule of thumb, you have to avoid moisturizers near the proximate area. Also no waterproof mascara or alcohol-based products. Women tend to use mascara even after getting extensions. Well, that defeats the whole purpose of getting extensions. If you need volume in your eyelashes better get an extension with thicker eyelashes than applying mascara, for regular use get an extension with medium strands of eyelashes.

4. Plan a refill visit

Maintaining your lash refill visits every two weeks is the key to making your extensions stay longer. This way you will be able to maintain a full lash line all year long. The professional at Eyelash Salons in Gurgaon will clean up your current set of lashes during your visit for lash refills, and then apply new extensions for more fullness. Regular refill visits guarantee a full, lush lash line and the youthful lash appearance we all adore. If you are casual about your extensions then the professionals will have to use more extensions than usual to restore that fullness if you don’t maintain your regular refills. This may indicate that you need to spend money on a service upgrade. This is certainly feasible if the economy is the least of your worries. Else regular refills are a must so that you can enjoy your beautiful self all year long without burning a hole in your purse.

Final Words

If you are planning any beauty procedure please feel free to consult KA-RAS. Trusted as the best eyelash salon in Gurgaon we ensure affordable prices so that its beauty doesn’t come with a burden. We have a team of experts with years of experience who will understand your desires and produce the best alternative according to your face structure and skin type.