Paladin Tier List

Paladins Tier List

Paladin is free-to-play online hero FPS (first-person shooter) game that was introduced in 2018, was developed by Hi-Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games, the same people who brought us Smite. In Realm, the player lives in a fantasy world that incorporates science fiction elements. As well as fantasy, science fiction is featured in the form of medieval-looking soldiers that utilize firearms rather than swords.

Like class shooters like Overmatch and Rainbow Six and Team Fortress 2, you play as ‘Champions,’ the classes you play as in the game. The following list ranks and labels the top champions in Paladins.

A class-based team shooter employs a team-based objective system, mainly centered on controlling points and dealing with payloads, similar to overmatch.

Below are the different game modes Paladins:

  • Siege: During the game mode “Siege”, two teams of five races to capture the central capture point on the map. The attacking team is given control of the payload, which needs to be pushed through several checkpoints. Pushes or captures that are successful earn one point. In order to prevent the enemy from launching the payload, the defenders must prohibit their enemy from pushing it. When four points are scored, the game is won. To determine the winning team, both teams will switch sides to see who can push their payload the farthest.
  • Onslaught: Like traditional King of the Hill, both teams compete over a large map.  Fragging the enemy team adds a twist to the game, allowing teams to earn points.
  • Team Deathmatch:  The most classic game mode of any team based shooter. Simply out frag the opponents to win the game.
  • Ranked: Ranked elevates Siege to an entirely new level. In Ranked, players follow Siege’s core rules but can pick and ban prior to the match. After both teams have banned two characters, they can pick a character, and then play the remainder of the match with that character. Champions cannot be played by either team if they are banned. Any team that picks a champion cannot pick the same champion as the other. In Rainbow Six Siege, you would have the pick and ban phase similar to a MOBA.

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Because different Champions dominate various phases of the game, these game modes are important to note. In defensive frontlines, setting up traps and planning for control point assaults can be beneficial. A moving payload makes dynamic maps an advantage for ranged and flanking damage dealers. Then, let’s examine the Paladin Tier List.

List of Paladins Tiers:

  • S Tier: There are several top Champions available at the moment. Usually pick or ban, these are the weapons that you should use to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • A Tier: Despite their power, these Champions usually fall short of the characteristics those in the S Tier possess, and they are sometimes more powerful than those in that class. All in all, they are still very good choices that you should not pass up.
  • B Tier: In addition to these picks, there are also some very good options that could win games if used correctly, but mastering them requires a lot of practice. The correct and effective use of these resources requires a large amount of team coordination.
  • C Tier: You will need to practice quite a bit to use these Champions with good results, but in most cases, you can choose those in the above categories. There are still very few cases in which they are viable, but again, they require highly efficient teamwork.

Champion of the year in Paladin

In light of the current patch, Atlas and are by far the best Paladin frontlines. Whether it’s control point maps or chokeholds, Atlas is undoubtedly the best app out there. Atlas’s kit focuses on guarding against incoming fire because the main purpose is to place protective barriers. The ranged characters are forced into Atlas’s world, which presents many challenges if they aren’t able to get around it. The Setback ability, on the other hand, can lead to an enemy player being exposed or awkward in awkward situations at any time. They will be appreciated by one of Atlas’ damage dealers since they are able to deal them serious damage from a distance or on the flank.

Makao is a great choice if you prefer an offensive frontline. His giant turtle shell cannon packs a punch, and he has shields to provide all the protection you need, as well as crowd control and immunity to enemies. His hook also makes him a powerful anti-flanker. He also gains crowd control immunity and extra health with the spinning anchor ultimate while it remains active. Takeover points can be won with Makao.

Barik, meanwhile, also plays a crucial role in capturing points on the front lines. While deploying turrets around sites, he forms an incredibly large shield around himself. Therefore, when his team gains control of the point there is so much more pressure on those maps. Despite his offensive shortcomings, if your team doesn’t take control points, he may appear to be a B Tier frontline. So remember that it is not effective in competitions with low skill levels or in teams with specialized skills.

Champion Flanker of Paladin

In Paladins, Vatu and Koga are the two most edgy flankers. With his claws, Koga is able to do incredible damage while remaining mobile. Koga possesses a special mechanic, which enables him to be able to perform his abilities. When he uses his ethereal movement ability, the damage he can land can be incredible, especially since pushback cannot be avoided by spending energy. When using his AOE (area of effect) ultimate properly, he can destroy entire teams solo if he utilizes it well. Before going and pressing the ability, make sure the crowd controller on the enemy is down. As the enemy team pushes an Atlas, you could leverage that ability.

Unlike Vora, however, Vora is remarkably self-sufficient. The ultimate, which she uses to execute enemies, have many CC tools for her. In addition, she has AOE knockback ability and is able to launch herself into action. Despite being a frontline, she does damage similar to a slightly under-tuned flanker. Finally, she possesses some amazing self-healing powers, so she can carry herself and the team in fights many ways. The only problem is that it is nearly impossible to get her going. In case you are an average player, don’t dive into Vore until you can make plays.

Champions in Paladins who deal the most damage

It’s Cassie and Bomb King who deal the most damage in Paladins. The one reliable DPS character Cassie is her crossbow, which is considered one of the best weapons in the game because her peel effect allows her to divert attacks away from support so she doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. Cassie’s kick is not only a team utility, but it also disengages enemies from her, launching them into perfect safe positions. With this, you can handle most flankers and frontliners. She has other weapons in her arsenal as well, like Dodge Roll. She has an ultimate called Scout, which grants three times more movement speed to the entire team, useful when chasing enemies down or ensuring a payload moves. You can use it after a wipe to reactivate your team. It does not matter whether she plays in casual or ranked modes, her skills are very good.

Even though Dredge isn’t a top-tier pick, he has some skills to go along with Bomb King. AOE damage control may be required if explosives need to be used for objectives. In the case of Bomb King, Dredge is a viable alternative.

Champions of A Tier Paladins:

As far as Ranked picks are concerned, the A Tier picking and bans focus on the S Tier. If you want a specific type of alternative to a character in the S Tier, the A Tier is the ideal alternative list. Although the picks are not as impressive as the S Tier picks and have a streamlined weakness that prevents them from being S Tier options.

Champions of B Tier Paladins:

Generally, B Tier picks are very beginner-friendly because they are balanced. It takes some practice to get the most out of these picks, but they provide a great learning experience. Basically, you can play a role and find a playstyle that you like and go from there. When you reach this stage, you can look for one of the picks in the brackets above to use as you’re main in order to climb ranks. We also strongly recommend getting Zhin as soon as you can if you want to really get a feel for the game. In Paladins, Zhin is the best starter Champion. He comes with all the tools you need to become a decent flanker, as well as providing refunds for the ultimate generation if you miss it.

Who in Paladins has the most strength?

Androxus: The majority of time, Androxus is at the peak of the Paladins’ tier list because of his skill as a flank. He moves very well and deals a lot of damage. Everything that you can want is there.

What skills do Paladins excel at?

The greatest of the best paladin archetypes are those that swear an oath of vengeance or loyalty to the ancients. The party’s vengeance paladins are ideal as strikers; while they shouldn’t be counted on to stave against a horde, they excel when focusing on a single foe.