A rooftop air conditioner may be a fantastic addition to any house, offering year-round comfort for both cooling and heating. There are a few things to take in mind, though, while installing rooftop units.

First off, compared to other types of air conditioners, rooftop air conditioners are often bigger and heavier, so it’s crucial to ensure your roof can withstand the weight. Second, because rooftop units are exposed to the elements, it’s critical to select one that is sturdy and resistant to strong winds and other weather-related factors.

Placing an air conditioning unit or any other unit on the rooftop can be a great investment for a better and brighter tomorrow. If you have a residential apartment, then an air conditioner on the rooftop will be the best choice. Generally, the rooftop unit only has space for installing just one unit and so according to that air conditioner unit will be the best. However, the choice is yours, you can choose any unit you want.

There are a few factors you have to keep in mind while installing a unit. Let’s see what they are.

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Size, Weight And Dimensions

If you’re installing an air conditioner unit then it usually has a heat exchanger and a fan added to it. So, you have to be careful in what you’re placing. Your rooftop might not be able to handle the weight of the unit if it’s too heavy. You have to first get to know the capacity your roof can handle. Flat roofs can offer more support and if you have a sharp-edged roof then you need to take extra care of the installation you’re doing.


If you’re among those who have to install an air conditioner then there’s one thing you have to consider, which is that it might be costly. The air conditioner units for the rooftop will be expensive if we add both the cost and its installation. The reason being is that the unit has to be lifted to the roof. This can be done by expert technicians. You can have them from Sentral HVAC as we have industry-experienced labor. If we tell the other side of it then that is positive. The rooftop units require less energy as they do less work. Ultimately the electricity bill will be less too.


This is a major factor to keep in mind for the installation of the rooftop unit. If you’re installing an air conditioner, then size matters a lot. First, you need to calculate how much space is there for the air conditioner to cool. If the space is large and the unit is too small, then it can be a problem. So, keep in mind that the unit size has an impact on the bills, equipment life, and air quality.

Calculation Of Load

This is to calculate the heat gains and losses that can occur once the unit will be installed. There are various methods to calculate this. You can do this Manual Load Calculation and you can refer to the workers of Sentral HVAC as well. This can be intricate and so you’ll be needing help.


Each of these elements will support the unit’s efficacy and efficiency. You can make sure that your rooftop air conditioner will give you many comfortable cooling years if you plan and think carefully.

So, these were a few factors to keep in mind when you’re going for rooftop installation. It can be an easy one for you if you are an expert technician. However, if you aren’t then it’s not a piece of cake. If you need help, then workers at Sentral HVAC can be a good resource for you.