Scuba diving:

Underwater diving activity that was performed by professionals, to explore the rich diversity of underwater and became the eye witness of the beauty of the aqua world. Through scuba diving, you can explore the new world but for less time due to the limited amount of oxygen present.

The place where the people enjoy a lot, the new world the underwater world new species to see with your eyes is such an incredible experience. And if want to explore such things then you should visit Malvan, where you can do scuba diving and explore such things.

The place is small but beautiful, located in the district of Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. The place is also famous for its seafood, the Malvani seafood. In malvan you will get many places for scuba diving, you must try an adventurous activity and explore the new world underwater. You don’t need to be a good swimmer, you can still do this activity. With the silence and the beautiful view of the species, you will enjoy that moment and also will get acknowledged nature’s biodiversity under the water. This is the most thrilling activity ever done, the experience will take you to another world where you are free from any tensions, only enjoying the moment with the species underwater.


  • Scuba diving in malvan is an amazing watersport activity, the total duration time is less but enjoyable i.e 10-15 min.
  • First of all the instructors, there will provide you with full instructions, and also the emergency is always ready for rescue in any emergency condition.
  • It is mandatory to follow the instructions carefully, and then the instructors will get you ready for the dive.
  • For a record, you can also take your waterproof camera underwater and get captured the moment as a memory.
  • It is not advisable to dive if you have any serious medical conditions like high bp, heart issues, and all.
  • The best time for this activity is between October to May.
  • The place for scuba diving is near Sindhudurg fort which is in the south of malvan.

Places to do scuba diving:


A very popular spot for scuba diving, as the water there is much clear and placid which makes it the busiest place for scuba diving. You can reach the place directly by taking a train from Kudal to Malavan. The trained instructors are assigned for performing the activity, and also a medical team is always ready for help. The trainers will instruct you, on how to do scuba diving and also explains the feature of every piece of equipment that will be used in diving.

After the instructions and a small training, you are ready for the activity and will go deep inside the ocean and experience another world of different species, you can capture that moment in your brain as well as in your camera. The beauty deep inside the water will take you to another level of excitement and will become a lifetime unforgettable moment.


Another superb location for scuba diving is also known as queen beach of Kokan which is situated 45km away from Kundal railway station. Along with scuba diving many more water sports activities can also be experienced at Tarkarli.

Types of dive:

  • Commercial dive: 

In this type of dive, the oxygen is provided/supplied from the boat that restricts the covering area underwater, i.e 20 feet deep.

  • Cylinder dive:

In this type of dive, the oxygen cylinder will be provided and bound to your back and you can reach the deep water you want to reach. 

For both divings, you need short training from professionals, and even you will get a certificate after completion.

And as from the definition of both the dive methods, cylinder dive is more costly than commercial diving, and also that the oxygen supply is more in commercial diving that gives more time underwater.


Breathing apparatus



Diver mobility

Buoyancy control and trim

Underwater vision

Dive lights



Through this thrilling activity, i.e scuba diving you can experience the world underwater and also the wide variety of beautiful chorals and vegetation there that will make you speechless.

Experience many species especially the fishes and the moment when a bunch of fishes goes in a flash will overwhelm you.

This adventurous activity will enrich you, and is the activity that should be experienced once in your life and is safe enough which be held under professional guidance.

You will take a beautiful memory of the underwater world with you.