Sea Salt Bath

Sea ​​Salt

Sea salt is formed when water evaporates from the ocean. It has existed since ancient times. It’s absurd to say that nature knows what it needs. Everything here has a purpose, no matter how small. Nature has created wonders here. Sea salt is often used in skin care, cosmetics, spices, medicinal recipes, and cooking.

Do not mix sea salt and table salt. Table salt is mined from the ground and trace elements are intensively processed and removed.

There is something about the sea that naturally attracts people. A deep connection and knowing that we are part of something bigger. Even if you can’t swim in the ocean late at night, you can always relax in the bathtub.

Types of Sea Salt used for bathing





These types of sea salt are basically named after the ocean in which they are mined from. Is one better than the other? Probably in trace amounts but they are all really great so just pick one and use it.

Sea Bathing!

Why you should start a sea salt bath (not to be confused with table salt).

Sea salt is alkaline, so bathing in it reduces the acidity of your body. Diseases and infections cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, so that’s a good thing!

Your skin is your largest organ. When you take a shower, sea salt is absorbed from your skin into your bloodstream, helping to quickly remove excess lactic acid. Lactic acid is popular among dancers, people exercising and doing heavy work. Muscles. Lactic acid is the cause of pain. As it builds up in muscles, they start to feel tight, tight and sore. Sea salt helps remove it. Goodbye muscle spasms!

Sea salt corrects electrolyte imbalances and strengthens the immune system.

Sea salt also soothes itchy skin conditions, especially psoriasis.

Relieves arthritis.

Sea salt baths improve circulation and help open pores.

Sea salt is a natural antihistamine.

Sea salt helps control blood sugar levels.

For spiritual purposes, sea salt is an excellent cleanser, completely removing negativity and purifying your aura/energy field. Soak in a sea salt bath for 30 to 40 minutes to instantly neutralize your mood. don’t you believe me try.

A sea salt bath is a relaxing, luxurious, and easy way to spend a spa day at home.

Sea salt is also rich in minerals that are good for the body.

Sodium and chloride improve nervous system function and nutrient absorption.

Potassium regulates acid levels in the body.

Magnesium – Promotes energy production.

Calcium – Helps grow teeth and bones, aids nerve function and heart regulation.

Sulfur boosts immune function and detoxification. Sulfur is her eighth most abundant element in the human body. All cells contain it.

Trace minerals are also commonly found in sea salt, and trace minerals work with other minerals to support optimal body function. Trace elements include phosphorus, bromine, boron, zinc, Contains iron, manganese, copper and silicon.

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Sea Salt Bath

Pour boiling water into the bath to excrete and detoxify, then absorb with warm water. Please choose the water temperature according to the purpose of soaking.

  • Add 1-2 cups of fine to coarse sea salt (coarse is also good for body polish) to running water.
  • Add essential oils (optional)
  • Soak as long as you like.
  • Refresh your body and mind!