The movement of a motor vehicle from one place to another is called motor transport. Nowadays, many people choose to transport their car overseas with them, whether they are moving, emigrating or, less often, returning as students. This requires a transport company that 

can meet the wishes of clients to transport their motor vehicle, whether it is a car, jeep or van.

The best way to transport motor vehicles

The best way to transport motor vehicles is by container. Container sizes available are 20ft, 40ft, 40HC and also 45ft subject to availability. Container shipping is the safest, most secure and best way to transport motor vehicles, and if you choose to ship your car by container, you usually have the option to add your household goods or personal belongings with the car inside the container at no additional cost. Another advantage of shipping by container is the extremely low risk of weather damage to the car compared to other methods such as RORO (Roll On Roll Off) for the movement of motor vehicles. We definitely do not recommend RORO if your motor vehicle is of decent quality and value.

Securely Loaded 

Each motor vehicle must be securely loaded before the container is sent to the port of origin for final transportation to the country of destination. The shipping company should handle all this for you through its own warehouse. Before handing over the keys to the carrier and delivering it to their warehouse facility for loading, it is recommended to check the car for defects, damage, etc. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you choose a shipping company with adequate loading facilities such as loading docks and docks, as it is the only way that is the best and safest way to load cars and motor vehicles, and it is something that professional shipping companies do on a daily basis.

Contact Details

As a private person, you must submit paperwork, including contact details for the place of origin and destination, a copy of the photo page of your passport (if you are the sender or recipient of the shipment), a copy of the vehicle registration book, a packing list (if you are sending personal items with a motor vehicle) and finally an estimate of your entire shipment. If you are also shipping a car from Ireland, the car shipping company will need your PPS number to complete 

export customs clearance before the container leaves Dublin Port.

One Place to another Place

After the shipment arrives, you must pay any duties, handling, tariffs or taxes imposed by the destination country, be it USA, or any other place in the world. Only then will the container containing the vehicle be handed over to you. Before you can collect your shipment of personal belongings, a local representative in the destination country must work with you to complete the customs clearance process. We recommend that you have a copy of the bill of lading, which is essentially the same as a receipt or confirmation that you own the shipment, available to the local handling agency at the destination.

If your car is very old or particularly rare and you don’t want it to be exposed to the elements, you should have no problem finding a company that will offer you the same service in a closed carrier, thus avoiding the potential damage that can result from using an open vehicle carrier between two locations within the same country.


As with any type of purchase, you should always shop around to make sure you’re not only getting the best deal, but also everything you need from the company you’re using. For example, many shipping companies only offer a very minimal level of insurance, and if you’re transporting an extremely valuable car from one side of America to the other, you’ll undoubtedly want a little extra coverage for peace of mind.

Thanks tablogy for guest posting.