Children and young people no longer use scooters for leisure. Larger electric scooters offer more, provide longer range and more durable equipment. All in all, making it a great alternative for students and working adults. As the popularity of electric scooters has grown, so has the number of colleges and universities using them since their boom.

Electric scooters on campus offer a quick and easy way to get around the university or the area. However, should students use electric scooters? Are they really useful and helpful? This article lists the benefits of using electric scooters for students and campuses.

The benefits of using an e-scooter for college or university students;

Drive cheaply;

Attending university or college is expensive. In addition to tuition, you pay for food, rent, other tuition, and more. However, if you live far from the university, transportation can be one of the biggest expenses in a student’s budget. That’s why many students are starting to move around campus using public or private electric scooters.

The average Electric Scooter for Adult costs about $500 to $1,000 to own. However, affordable electric scooters can cost less. The best electric scooters for college students include lightweight and affordable electric scooters that offer important features and functions. It should last 20-25 km in the speed limit.

However, university students can choose their own sharing methods if the campus allows it. These are more suitable for students who do not need to use an e-scooter every day. In general, electric scooters provide a more comfortable way to ride.

Save time;

If you are late for class, an electric scooter can help you save time effortlessly. Electric scooters reach high speeds that allow you to easily navigate campus or around town. Despite the speed limit, you can get there quickly. Thanks to its compact size, you can bypass traffic and take narrow alternative routes. You can get to school faster by using the shortcuts allowed by the e-scooter.

In general, electric scooters save time because many cities are already congested and many commuters lose time due to traffic. Save time and get more done at school with an electric scooter.

Inexpensive and easy to learn;

Driving an electric scooter is ideal for students because it does not require a licence or training. Unlike driving, a student must take driving lessons and pass a driving test to be able to drive legally. In the United States and most states, riding an electric scooter in public places does not require a licence or registration. Any adult can use them, as long as they follow the speed limits, size and other requirements of the e-scooter according to the city e-scooter law.

Riding an electric scooter also has no sharp turns. Cycling requires experience, balance and confidence. Riding an electric scooter requires the same, but requires less power and is easier to learn. When learning to ride an electric scooter, practice first in a safe environment, such as your own backyard or school.

Zero wasted visits;

More and more people, especially the younger generation, are becoming more environmentally conscious and aware. One way students can reduce their carbon footprint is to travel smarter by using personal electric mobility devices such as e-motors, e-bikes and their traditional counterparts.

Electric scooters shared in Paris have reduced carbon emissions by 330 tonnes per year, according to Lime research. This is possible because electronic scooters have zero emissions. If more cities and campuses allow the public to use electric motors, this will significantly reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere in the future. As a result, electric scooters are an environmentally friendly way to travel anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of electric scooters for colleges and universities;

Reduce on-campus parking;

Electric scooters have advantages and disadvantages on campus, but e-scooters have more advantages than disadvantages. One of the benefits of using electric scooters on campus is to reduce the number of parked cars. Parking is limited at colleges in major cities. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right or empty parking space.

However, using a private or shared electric scooter allows you to park it in a designated parking space or take it with you to class. A saviour for campuses without parking.

Enable Easy Cross Campus Travel;

Activation of Electric scooters at major universities allows students to move faster. Students who have to carry a lot of books or belongings feel very tired going from building to building, especially if they are on the other side of the campus. All in all, it’s an easy way to get around and be late for class.

It’s not just a trend;

Electric scooters are not just a trend or a hobby. It now provides efficient, comfortable and affordable transportation especially for students. More and more electric scooter brands now offer electric scooters for students, so it’s easier to find affordable, portable and efficient transportation.

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