A successful business is one where the employees feel valued and appreciated. It is a place where they are compensated properly and timely for their hard work.

Taking care of your employees involves giving them accurate and timely paychecks after taking into account their working hours and performance, via a direct deposit, and providing them with insurance, retirement planning, etc.

You can do all of this and much more with the help of a payroll management software. These tools allow you to automate the payments of your employees and to keep a detailed record in your system for all the aspects included in the payroll.

There are a number of payroll management tools available online and in this article, we are going to take a look at 7 of the best ones that are good for both small and large businesses.


This affordable payroll management tool is great for small and growing teams who are committed to providing the most professional working experience.

This tool comes with time tracking, PTO request management, and an HR management system which improves the workflow while keeping the operational costs to a minimum. There are three plans i.e., simple, plus, and premium that you can go for based on the size of your company and your budget requirements. Or, you can use your Hamraaz Web Personal Login to get your pay slip if you are subscribed to this service. 


You can use this tool to keep a record of track hours, pay contractors, and manage the payroll of full-time salaried employees. The tool comes with a lot of features including managing employee health benefits and taking care of their payroll tax filings that keep your employees satisfied and relaxed while they work with you.

The tool comes with great customization features which makes it the best for businesses of both small and large sizes. There is also a mobile app linked to it that allows you to conduct payroll management at any time or place.


This software offers employers an opportunity to get better at management skills and the retention of employees. The tool comes with three packages each of which offers different features to manage your payroll tasks.

It offers handbook builders, employee screening, and onboarding services. It can also help you with 401K integration and the calculation of state, federal, and local taxes for you.

This software is extremely professional and it offers seamless services to both the employers as well as the employees and that increases productivity.


This tool offers payroll and HR management through its cloud-based system. This allows you to stay connected and access your payroll system at any time and place.

You can use this tool for companies with a workforce of about 50 to 120,000 employees. You can take care of taxing, year-end reporting, compliance, onboarding, and benefits. This tool is effective for mid to large-sized businesses who are looking to integrate their HR and payroll management in a seamless and error-free manner.


This tool stands out for its genius automation features. You can initially set up the payroll system and the tool will automatically take care of the rest. It gives notifications regularly so that you stay on top of everything in regard to employee payrolls.

There are three main packages all of which are affordable and come with a wide range of management tools. The Hamraaz payslip login works in the same way. 


This software offers hour tracking, salary changes, benefits, and paid time off tracking all in one place. Using this tool, you can also manage your HR operations seamlessly.

This tool comes in different packages and you can choose the one that suits your business size and needs. It helps you with payroll taxes, direct deposit, and mobile payments as well.


This software is best for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. This tool offers inexpensive tax filing and payments via direct deposit. This tool can help you handle all the administrative components needed to run your payroll.

There is a setup tool that helps you enter the right information in the right places. The tool has both a free and a paid version which you can choose based on your number of employees and business size. You can use this tool for both W-2 as well as 1099 workers.

There is also an option for manually setting up which takes more time but allows for better customization.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the top payroll management tools that you can incorporate into your business to save time and minimize errors. These tools will increase your productivity and they will allow you to perform payroll transactions automatically and using direct deposit.

We really hope you find these tools effective for your payroll management and we wish you the very best in providing your employees with a safe and secure working environment.