Popular Short-Term Certifications in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Business Administration

The definition of business administration is the management of coordination and organization of business activities. Management plans to organize direct, and control the resources of a business so that it can achieve its policy objectives.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a branch of accounting that deals with the collection, analysis, and presentation of information about financial transactions relating to a business. It involves the preparation of publicly available financial statements.

Human Resources Management

Human resources are the total number of people employed in an organization, department, industry, or economy. A narrower concept is human capital, which is the knowledge that people possess. Similar terms are human resources, workforce, personnel, employees, or simply people.

Training courses in business administration, accounting, finance, and human resource management.

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Diploma in Business Administration 6 months.

The Diploma in Business Administration provides students with a clear understanding of the different business disciplines (accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, and management science). It allows them to relate the different functional areas of a business and to appreciate the need for coordination between different departments.

Computer Accounting Courses

Omni Academy offers the best-computerized accounting courses for students and professionals who want to pursue a career in accounting and finance: using state-of-the-art accounting software such as Peach-Tree, Quick Book, and Advanced Excel, the courses teach all the essential skills needed for the daily work of a professional accountant.

The course starts with basic knowledge and through a step-by-step methodology allows you to reach the level of an expert in computerized accounting. The course is designed to meet the requirements of modern accounting information systems and market needs.

Whether you want to start a career as an accountant or become an expert in computerized accounting, the Best Certifications Training Institute in Dubai, UAE in the world to learn and build a professional career. Learn accounting step by step with experienced Omni Academy teachers and use Nlptech software.

Complete Microsoft Office course for professionals

Miss Office Comprehensive course for young professionals who want to pursue a career in office administration or work in a professional organization. “Knowledge of Microsoft Office is essential in many industries. You will learn valuable skills that will help you in everyday life and help your resume stand out.

The MS Office course will help you gain confidence, skills, and employability using Microsoft Office. It will help you objectively test your computer skills and succeed in your chosen professions, such as office administration, clerical work, teaching, training, and a wide range of occupations, as Microsoft Office is essential software in all industries that require many skilled specialists.

Become an Excel Guru

Welcome to Excel Guru – a step-by-step training program where you will learn everything you need to know to become an Excel expert. We have been using Excel for ten years to develop innovative tools and applications for investment banking and financial services.

Excel Financial Modeling Course

Omni Academy offers the best financial modeling courses. Learn the latest analytical tools for the financial industry, which are used by leading financial consultants to prepare financial statements in accordance with international best practices. The course covers all the essential skills required for the daily work of finance professionals.

The course starts with the basics and provides a high level of knowledge in financial data analysis and modeling through a step-by-step learning methodology. It also contains many tips and tricks for working with relevant tools such as Advanced Excel.

Courses on business process management (BPM)

Business Process Modeling is an activity that analyzes and demonstrates complex business processes. There are various reasons why organizations engage BPM, such as when they want to improve the way they work.

The Business communication skills

HereBusiness communication is related to the implementation of business processes of any organization and aims to provide knowledge about recruitment, training, remuneration, and evaluation, as well as communication during the recruitment process.

Our Business communication courses are aimed at developing professional knowledge and skills in human resource management, building strategic alliances, time management, organizational culture, and project and resource planning.

The Business analysis training (system analyst)

Business analysts work in a variety of industries including IT, financial services, telecommunications, and retail. They work with senior managers and other professionals to help organizations change the way they operate.

This can include company-wide changes or be limited to one part of the company. Examples include improving a company’s decision-making processes, helping to implement new IT systems, or helping to develop marketing and sales strategies.

CHRMP online course – Certified Human Resource Management Professional

The Certified Human Resource Management Professional – CHRMP-Live-ONLINE course offers the CHMRP core course on an interactive virtual platform. It offers the same comprehensive curriculum including HR best practices, but only the USP program has been redesigned so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Diploma in Human Resource Management – HRMS course

The HRMS Diploma enables participants to build, develop and use the skills associated with the knowledge gained to effectively manage the needs of the HR industry. It is also suitable for trainees in related and unrelated industries who wish to “move into HR”, as well as for managers who wish to develop their HR management skills.

Oracle HCM Cloud – converged human capital management

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management goes beyond traditional HR practices and aims to increase the efficiency.

effectiveness, and productivity of employees through the balanced use of human resources, processes, and technology.

Built using open standards and designed to be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Oracle Global HR provides a simple user interface that delivers up-to-date and secure information to manage your organization on any device of your choice.

Key HR functions such as global processes, interactive organizational charts, collaboration tools, predictive analytics, and productive role definition processes are readily available for rapid deployment.

Diploma in Banking and Finance, including digital banking

The Diploma in Banking and Finance designed to meet the needs of today’s banking industry and covers Digital Banking.

Bank Auditing, Islamic Banking, Takaful, Branch Banking, Risk Management, Retail Banking, Branch Banking, Islamic Banking, and Banking Jobs in Pakistan.

It is ideal for professionals looking to build a career in the market. Online courses offered for both international and urban students.

CIPB Training – Certified Islamic Banking Professional

The Certified Islamic Banking Professional (CIBP) is based on the needs of modern Islamic finance work and the basic principles of Islamic economics.

as well as the Shariah Board guidelines.

and is ideal for professionals who want to build a career in modern Islamic finance.

explore digital Islamic finance and move on to their next role in Islamic finance. Step by Step.

Designed to provide information about modern Islamic finance in Pakistan, GCC countries, and other countries.

Successful candidates will receive a federally accredited certificate as a certified Islamic financial institution.

which recognized as an advantage for career advancement in the banking industry.

Tax courses – learn income tax for electronic filing

Omni Academy’s flagship tax training course offers a comprehensive understanding of Pakistan’s tax system. The certificate qualification enables you to understand income tax/direct tax, calculate seniority, file electronic income tax returns, and provide advice and services in important areas such as self-employment or industry, banking, commerce, and the public sector.

How to make a career

A successful career offers many tangible benefits and opportunities. In a world defined by social status and money, climbing the career ladder will improve your quality of life.

There are many possible reasons why people strive for success

Define your goals

Create a professional CV

Recognize your strengths

Take full responsibility for your life

Always raise your standards

Prove yourself

Network – also

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Final words

Business management, human resources (HR), and accounting are three important fields in many companies, but they isolated and independent of each other. You can take online courses in your area of interest and start a dynamic career – we wish you professional success!