If you’ve recently brought a loved one home from a long-term care facility, you probably know all about the importance of keeping personal items nearby. It’s important to keep the facility’s staff informed of your loved one’s personal hygiene needs, and if you run out of something, bring some back-ups. Make sure to choose familiar brands and fragrances for your loved one. Using familiar scents will make the experience more enjoyable. Basic linen is provided and laundered by the facility, but don’t forget to pack something special.

Visiting A Loved One In A Long-Term Care Facility

Visits can be a great way to share memories with your loved one. Try to bring along funny stories or books on tape. If your loved one is religious, bring a bulletin or church magazine. You can also share local news. A visit can make the resident feel connected to the community and family. Often, the center will allow families to buy meals for their loved ones, so this is an ideal opportunity to share the local news with them. You can also plan to spend some time with your loved one by helping them write letters or doing makeup.

If you’re unable to visit your loved one in person, consider sending them a photo book. Many facilities will allow you to visit from the outside. You can even make a special occasion out of it by sending a handmade sign. Another option is to use a video-conferencing app. You can dial in with a care team member to share memories with your loved one.

Visiting A Loved One During A Coronavirus Pandemic

When a loved one has a condition like COVID-19, the time to visit them can be limited. This can be stressful, especially for the caretaker, who may have to take on additional responsibilities in their absence. But there is good news. CMS has updated its visitation guidance to provide greater safety for family and visitors. The new guidance will allow for extended visitation without the risk of infection.

Many facilities allow window visits, which can help you see your loved one. You can even make your visit special with handmade signs. Another option is virtual visits. Most facilities have apps that allow families to use the internet to connect with loved ones. In some cases, you can even dial-in to your loved one’s room or hospital.

Creating A Living Will

After a loved one is released from a Barrie long term care home, you may want to make a living will. This document outlines your preferences for medical treatment and care. For example, you may want to specify that your loved one receives an artificial feeding tube if necessary or that they do not want a ventilator. Your living will should also include your preferences for spiritual care and anatomical gifts.

Making a living will is a thoughtful way to keep your loved one in charge of their life. It names someone to be their agent, or proxy. This person can be a spouse, child, or other responsible adult. Their job is to handle medical decisions if your loved one becomes incapacitated. It’s important to note that a living will is not a script and can’t anticipate every situation. It’s important to talk to your loved one about their wishes as their feelings may change over time.


The average cost of formal long-term care is $172,000, and that figure goes up as your loved one ages. You might have thought that Medicare or regular insurance would cover such expenses, but they often do not. The price tag could easily reach $4,000 per month. Therefore, you should think about purchasing long-term care insurance as early as possible. This type of coverage is an important consideration if you have aging parents or other loved ones who need care. Although costs vary based on location, care level, and the individual, you can get a general idea of how much bringing a loved one home from long term care facilities can cost. Genworth has a cost calculator that allows you to estimate costs nationwide. Once you know the median cost, you can better plan for your loved one’s care. A nursing home can be clean and comfortable, but you’ll have to shell out over $300k for four to five years of care.

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