Balayage is a free-hand painting technique that leaves roots exposed and highlights are painted into the hair without the use of foils. The traditional balayage is not a foilage (using foils to lift), the process takes time, and hair artists will capture the color you desire. There are some secrets that are important to understand before opting for a balayage.

As a color expert, I love to use this technique to enhance my client’s best features and put less focus on areas of the face that may not need as much attention. When it comes to a base color, black hair with shades of red, blond highlights, or any combination of dark blond, light blond, and ash brown can work with shadow roots.


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Although your client might come in asking for balayage, it’s your job as a stylist to be able to tell them when balayage isn’t the right technique to get them the look they want. While every situation is different, some reasons balayage may not be the best choice include: In some cases, other techniques like traditional highlights or a different technique might be the way to go.

These techniques can give your clients more control over their hair and help them achieve a better look than what they could achieve with balayage alone. If damage is a real concern of the client, then you may want to talk about alternative techniques or goals. You should also remember that while you need to use enough product if you’re going to give your client the look that she wants, this isn’t the same thing as you’re applying it. Being forceful as you apply the lightener can lead to harsh lines which are exactly what balayage is supposed to avoid!

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Once you’re comfortable performing a balayage, there are many ways to use the same technique to create different looks. For example, you might turn to balayage to create real natural effects. Or you might use fine sectioning for adding a lot of brightness and color. The list goes on! Some clients don’t want to deal with hair texture care. Make sure you’re using the right method that’ll give your client the flexibility they want in their visit. Baby highlights and teasy lights are two techniques that can help you do just that!

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If you want to achieve a natural-looking balayage, then you need to pay attention to how the sun brightens the hair. Smart placement can help you achieve this effect. The key is to apply more brightness around the face and diffused brightness towards the back to replicate how the sun does this naturally. When painting hair, it’s important to ensure that you are painting from an appropriate elevation so that you can get even coverage everywhere. If you aren’t highlighting from the right elevation, it can be hard to ensure that you’re getting good coverage as you paint towards your ends and scalp. Adjust your elevation throughout the process to ensure that your end result looks amazing!

How to use Balayage

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Perfecting your balayage hair extensions skills will take some time, practice, dedication, and repetition. One way to ensure you continuously develop and improve your balayage skills is to embrace all of the educational opportunities at your disposal. Or you can join a community of stylists and hair artists who you can share tips with and who can help you avoid mistakes, or sign up for a class or workshop that can help you take your skills to the next level.