Tip1 Drink 2 Litres of Water per day

  • Your body’s cells are compose mainly of water, and they require to be well-hydrate to function effectively.
  • 2 Litres = approx 8 glasses
  • Set a bottle of 1 liter or Jug on your desk to help keep track of your consumption.
  • If your body is thirsty, it’s already dehydrate.
  • Tea, Coffee, and Softdrink (Soda) don’t count toward the 8 glasses you need. Minimize your intake.Dr jay feldman

TIP2 Workout three times per week

  • 30 minutes of vigorous exercise that get your heart and lungs moving should be the minimum.
  • Select an activity you love – walking, tennis, dance class, swimming, gym, etc.
  • Join a social or club group, or find a friend who can help you stick to your goals.

Tip3 Eat Breakfast

  • Breakfast is the first meal that kicks off metabolic activity for the next day.
  • Select cereals with a low amount of sugar and rich in grains.
  • Pick the Wholemeal bread or Multigrain bread over white bread. It’ll keep you full for longer and contains more nutrients.

TIP4 Eat more greens

  • Increase the number of vegetables that are green in your meal each evening.
  • Green Vegetables are load with antioxidants that can reduce your risk of getting cancer and other diseases.
  • Many different vegetables are green to pick from that. You don’t need to consume the ones that you don’t like.

Tips5 Everything must be considered in moderation

  • A balanced diet does not mean that you must avoid eating the occasional hamburger, chocolate, or an alcoholic drink. This means that you should eat your food in moderation.
  • Most meals should include fruit and vegetable dairy, wholegrains/cereals, protein-rich lean meats or proteins, and water.
  • Reduce the use of salt and saturated fats, and sugars.
  • Be accountable for your food choices.

Tips6 Get regular checks

  • Are you current in your health check-ups? Dental, Eyes, Ears, Cholesterol, etc
  • Write the due date down in your calendar or Outlook calendar to ensure. You do not forget – time is a blur!
  • Prioritize it illnesses that can be detect early could be address.

Tip7 Sleep & Relaxation

  • Relaxation and sleep are crucial for regenerating your body’s immune system.
  • A majority of people require 7-9hrs of sleep each night.
  • A way can make sleep easier.
  • The time you spend relaxing will aid in reducing the stress levels of your body.
  • Reading, meditation, yoga, and taking in music and meditation are simple ways to unwind.
  • Keep a journal near the bed.

Tip8 Laugh Daily

  • Do you have a perfect belly laugh each day?
  • Laughter boosts the immune system.
  • Laughter can trigger endorphins. Endorphins are natural antidepressants.
  • Children can laugh up to 400 times a day. Adults laugh an average of 15 times. Drs.Gael and Patrick Flanagan. California Loma Linda University

Tip9 Fresh Air

  • Do you feel a bit sluggish at the end of the afternoon?
  • Walk around the block or sit secluded spot by the shade of a tree and take a deep breath.
  • Fresh air can help you feel more awake.
  • Fresh air can increase your body’s oxygen levels, which helps it perform better.

Tipp 10: Pay attention to your body

  • Pay attention to Your Body. It will know the things you require. Be kind to the physique … it’s the only thing you have!
  • If you don’t get the subtle message, your body will be rude!
  • Your body constantly sends messages regarding fitness, stress, the foods you’re eating, and your mental well-being.
  • If you need an extra day off from work, make it. If you must stop a social gathering, make it happen. If you must say “no” to an invitation, tell them.
  • “If something is sacred, your body’s sacred.” Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass. Visit Linda at [Dr jay feldman]