A typical remodeling project will improve a home’s resale value by an average of 56% of the cost of the remodel – however, this percentage can be significantly higher or lower depending on the project. – States Zippia.com

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They are a quality focused company that caters to a wide range of renovation needs across various locations in the U.S. working with experienced contractors simplifies the process by a lot. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the challenges a renovation entails, this is the right course of action.

Interior design and Home Remodeling Ideas

Planning a Long Island home remodel isn’t an easy job. From finding the right ideas to finding the right people for the job things can get complicated fast. What can help is the research you can do to get things going without a hitch.

The right place to start is to look for trends and then decide what the finished product must look like. Interior design ideas and trends make planning convenient. You can browse through ideas that work for the size, capacity and type of your property.

From here on you can hire professionals to discuss if the idea you have will work for your budget. Budget makes a huge difference in the planning process and can impact the final product.

That said, here is a compilation of the top trends in 2022 for homes and interior design:

Interior design refers to all the elements that impact how your homes interior looks. From the color on the wall to the furniture and even art pieces, everything is combined to create an ambiance that showcases your taste and lifestyle.

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Interior Design Ideas

  • Go Warm

Warm tones are the perfect background that frames the furniture and décor in your home. You can go from red undertones and deeper oranges to elevate the earthy tones of beige and crème. Most home owners prefer the use of such colors to keep the background out of focus.

For the past year most homeowners have opted for greys and charcoals as framing colors but trend is moving towards oranges and reds.

  • Curves Are The Next It Trend

Boxy styles and clear lines are a thing of the past. Curvy designs and smooth edges add a depth and a feelof comfort to the space. Circular mirrors, curved art work and even carpets with wavy designs are the next it thing.

  • Add Nature

This is one of the  most effective ways to class up a room. There are various plants that thrive indoors and clean the air while adding to the ambiance. Depending on their upkeep and the amount of sunlight that enters your home, find plants that are best suited to your aesthetic.

Materials such as stone and granite and wooden floors, also add to the natural aesthetic. Handcrafted décor pieces and recycled goods are now becoming a huge part of interior design. These are pieces that add to the natural vibe of the place.

  • Monochrome It Is

Monochrome interiors are classic chic, gorgeous and always trendy. Black and gray window panels/ frames, single toned furniture against a back drop of marble designs works wonder for an attractive interior.

A singular black or grey wall is also added to the mix for a stark contrast against the neutral tones. This is a trend that works for minimalists and those who enjoy a colorful vibe in their space.

Home Remodeling Ideas

  • The Closet

Probably one area that everyone wants to expand  or redo. Even the tiniest closet can be redone to add more storage and better visibility to the place. Most homes in the U.S have limited closet space and if you aren’t willing to spend on a huge makeover go for a single area renovation.

  • The Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the most renovated spaces in the house. Therefore, when renovating a kitchen be sure to plan ahead. One of the trendiest ideas for a kitchen revamp is adding a working isle to the place.

 Granite counters, tiles and more appliance focused storage is the new it trend in kitchen refurbishing projects.

  • The Bathroom 

Bathrooms have so much potential to completely change the way you shower or relax over the weekend. Even if you don’t want to go for a full fledged renovation you can make changes to the fixtures to upgrade the space.

If you are willing to go all out add some shelves to the space, a gorgeous bathtub, some additional cabinets and some jets to improve the experience, your own bathroom can give you the same feel as a spa given that you invest in a detailed renovation.

  • The Exteriors

The outside of your home is unused space with potential. Therefore, get to work on plans for an outdoor firepit, a wooden patio an outdoor entertainment space or a deck. Not only does this add more space to the place but gives you a place to hangout and enjoy fresh air, the sun or a fun barbeque without going anywhere.

Landscaping is another way to elevate the value of the property and curb appeal. You can ask your contractor to add a walkway, plants or fences to the place to add to the aesthetic appeal or for practical reasons.

How to Find the Right Contractors for a Home Remodel?

The market is saturated with with construction contractors that specialize in renovation jobs. However, not every “self proclaimed Expert” will cut it for you. The most effective way to find the right resource is by looking for recommendations and going through reviews of businesses that you have chosen.

New Finish Inc is a name that comes highly recommended as one of the top renovators across various locations. They have a crew of experienced professionals who bring more than just experience to the table.

Get in touch with them through their website or give then a call today!