Top Reasons

About China

  • China, which has a rapidly growing economy, occupies the eastern section of Asia.
  • China has the greatest population in the world and is referred to as the People’s Republic of China.
  • Due to its vast geographic expanse, China has a variety of climates in different regions of the country.
  • China has a population of roughly 1.420 billion people. There are lakes, rivers, grasslands, deserts, and 14500 miles of coastline in China.
  • India, Nepal, and Bhutan all share China’s border. Also, do you know China’s capital city is Beijing, and a beautiful city? According to overseas education consultants Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis is well-known for its business and financial sector.
  • The Chinese have a rich cultural heritage and are highly welcoming to visitors. This is because of China’s long and rich history.

MBBS in China – Quick Highlights

  • Eligibility Criteria – 50% in PCB for General Category 40% in PCB for Reserved Category
  • NEET Entrance Test – Yes, it is compulsory
  • Minimum Course Fee – $ 3,000 USD/Year
  • Maximum Course Fee – $ 5,000 USD/Year
  • Cost of Living in China – $ 150 USD/Month
  • Course Duration – 5+1 Years Internship
  • Medium of Education – English Language
  • Universities Recognition – NMC & WHO accredited

Study MBBS in China

Many students dream of becoming doctors when they are young. There are many obstacles to studying MBBS in India, including high tuition costs, a limited number of places, and more. Among other choices, MBBS in China for Indian students is the greatest choice for those who are willing to study abroad for medical degree.

The greatest MBBS programmes in the world with an English medium are offered by Top Medical Colleges in China. Some of the best medical schools in the world are located in China, and they provide affordable MBBS programmes.

Medical Universities in China are Affordable

The medical universities in China can afford to admit international students at such low costs since China has a very big education budget for research and development in its medical science sector. As a result, MBBS in China is growing in popularity every day. Students do not have to worry about learning a new native language since English is a language that is widely taught in China. The majority of medical universities in China are government-owned, making them the best institutions with cutting-edge facilities and top-notch instruction.

In China, the MBBS programme lasts 6 years, including an internship year. Students who have completed the MBBS programme in China may register for the FMGE, USMLE, and PLAB tests. Once they have earned their MBBS in China, students can continue their education there or begin working elsewhere in the world!

Why Should You Choose China to Study MBBS?

The NMC Approved universities in China support foreign educational aspects to improve the quality of medical education.

The majority of Chinese medical institutes offer scholarships, making MBBS in China affordable.

Students can enjoy a healthy learning atmosphere thanks to well-designed classrooms, large libraries, and cutting-edge laboratories.

Everywhere in the globe, MBBS is accepted, thus students can apply.

Students are given research training to help the thriving medical sector in China.

MBBS in China Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate’s age must be at least 17 as of December 31 of the year of the application procedure.
  • For the general cast, the candidate must have a minimum of 50% overall in PCB, and for students in the reserved category, 40%.
  • The candidate must possess a current NEET card with the required NEET score.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.

Safety Factor Studying MBBS in China

Due to its use of high-tech securities, China is one of the most secure nations in the world. China has a fairly low crime rate. In China, foreign students are completely safe.

For the protection and safety of students, Chinese medical universities have CCTV cameras installed around the campus, libraries, labs, and courses. These institutions provide specific care for female pupils.

Food & Accommodation Facilities

  • Chinese cuisine offers international students a variety of regional and cultural delicacies.
  • The College and University campus offers students a low-cost, high-quality meals. Food ranges in price from $4 to $8 USD.
  • The cost of living is very reasonable in China for international students.
  • Comparing China to the majority of European nations, the cost of living is virtually lower.

Chinese MBBS Students’ Monthly Expenses

Expenses and Estimated Monthly Cost (USD)

  • Rent – $200 ~ $70
  • Food – $100 ~ $150
  • Transportation – $30 ~ $50
  • Utilities – $50 ~ $100

The Total Expenses and Estimated Monthly Cost (USD) will Be – $380 ~ $1,000

Consulting firm Jagvimal

The overall cost of fees is less than private medical universities in China. Students can easily reserve their own seats, and the screening process is very simple. You can also fulfill your desire of enrolling in a prestigious medical school to pursue an MBBS in China with the assistance of an experienced advisor like Jagvimal Consultants, which has offices in Delhi, Jaipur, and Dubai.