Nowadays, the gaming industry is growing vertically in the world. Also, gamers are now searching for a game server that offers better performance and security.

Therefore, VPS in Malaysia is the best option to host your game server because it offers various benefits at an affordable cost. Day by Day, it is becoming popular among online businesses.

Moreover, VPS is a Virtual Private Server, and also it is a type of web hosting service that provides space to online businesses on the internet. It includes complete root access, large storage, high security with data backup, technical support, and other benefits under the VPS Hosting Malaysia.

Furthermore, VPS hosting has two types of Operating systems (OS) i.e. Linux and Windows. 

Linux is an open-source OS that gives regular updates and support while Windows is the popular OS for PC gaming. It is supported by all the game developers and it is easy to set up the resources.

In this article, you will learn about Why Is VPS Malaysia The Right Choice for Gaming?

Why Is VPS Malaysia The Right Choice for Game Server?

VPS Hosting is the right choice for gamers because it offers several advantages that are-


VPS in Malaysia offers complete control of the server, so that, you can change the settings, edit the files, update the functions, and more on the hosting. Also, you can install the applications and software into the server which can easily enhance your gaming experience.

Guaranteed Resources

In cheap Malaysia VPS, you will get a considerable amount of resources for the game server. Therefore, the guaranteed resources are RAM (Random Access Memory), and CPU (Central Processing Unit), a high amount of storage, bandwidth, advanced security, technical support, etc.

Cost Effective

VPS Hosting in Malaysia is a more cost-effective server than a dedicated server. Also, with virtualization technology, you do not have to share the resources with others. 

Therefore, VPS provides high uptime, better scalability, large storage, high network speed, dedicated resources, and more other things with the hosting package. 

Moreover, you will also get, security with a data backup option at an additional cost and complete technical support to the customers.

High Network Speed

Virtual Private Server offers high speed to the game servers in Malaysia. This will make your game performance faster. 


With VPS Server Malaysia, you will get large storage for installing new video games. Also, you can install other services as you require to run the game. This will help you to provide better performance on the game server.


You will get a high level of security to protect your game server. This will help to keep your data safe and secure on the Internet from cyber hackers, phishing, and other malicious attacks. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry about downtime. Under the best VPS Malaysia, you will get better uptime and performance on the server. 

Technical Support

With the cheap Malaysia VPS, you will get proper support from the hosting provider. They have the expertise IT Team to solve your queries regarding the hosting. You can contact the team via live chat, phone calls, email, and ticket system. 

Some Tips to Keep Your VPS Hosting Malaysia Game Server Secure

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Here are several options that will help you to protect your Game Server from cyber attacks.

Use Strong Password

Make sure to use a unique password to secure your system. Also, try to have a password minimum of 12 characters which includes small and capital letters, numericals, and symbols. 

Keep the System Updated

Cyber hackers continuously try to find new ways to hack the system of gamers. Therefore, you should keep updating your Operating System (OS) and resources such as software, application, etc. regularly. So that, it can help you to decrease the vulnerabilities of the system.

Install Firewall

A firewall can help you to secure the network by controlling which software can send or receive the data and information via the network. Many OS comes with a firewall, but it will be better to have extra firewall software and hardware. 

Create Backups

After creating various security options, still there are some chances of cyber attacks. For that, you need to secure the data while creating a backup plan. Also, it will help to protect the information from cyber hackers, phishing, and other malicious attacks. 


In this article, you have learned about Why Is VPS Malaysia The Right Choice for Gaming?

Therefore, VPS Hosting is the better option for a game server because it offers high scalability, flexibility, large storage, guaranteed resources, and more under the hosting package. 

Moreover, you may choose Serverwala VPS Server for your game server. Also, it offers hosting at an affordable cost with many advantages are high uptime, complete root access, support, etc. The best thing is you will get advanced security with a data backup option at an additional cost with the Virtual Private Server.