Like many states in the US, even North Carolina home prices have been rising at an exponential rate of more than 20% this year. The rise in home prices means a greater seller commission. Selling your home on your own in NC means that you get to save thousands in broker commission.

If you believe that FSBO homes sell at a slower pace, then you might be mistaken. The reports show that even FSBO homes sell at a good rate and that too in less than 2 weeks. So, if you also want to adopt the FSBO approach to selling your home in North Carolina, then you might need a guide to sell your home by owner.

Selling your North Carolina home on your own

Here are the best tips to sell your home fast in NC. Selling through FSBO does not only mean that you save a lot on commissions but also lets you have full control of the home sale transaction. Selling FSBO using a high-tech platform such as will ensure that your home will sell faster and without any hassle.

Know how to sell a house by owner in North Carolina.

MLS Exposure

MLS, one of the most urgent tools you need to list your property with, ensures that you can sell your home fast. Since it allows maximum exposure and there will be far more competition for your property, it may likely augment the selling price of your home too. It is reported by various popular real estate websites that the homes on the MLS sell at a much faster pace compared to the homes not present on the MLS.

However, selling a North Carolina home on your own, will not get you listed on the MLS. Since this platform can only be used by registered real estate agents, you may need to sign up on the FSBO websites such as Houzeo to get your property listed. So, without hiring a real estate agent, the FSBO website gives you a chance to list your home on the MLS at a minimum flat fee. The website also provides other support services that may ease your burden and assure you of a trouble-free sale.

Best months to sell your home

It is good to know that in North Carolina, the home purchase season starts in spring and closes in summer. It reaches its peak in June and July. If you want to make the most of your home sale in North Carolina, list your home in these months. Also, consider listing your property on the MLS on a Thursday than other days. Thursday is considered an idea as the homes sell quickly and for a higher price point.

You also need to know to consider your readiness too to sell your house in NC. So, whenever you feel that you are ready for the home sale, then without timing the market, you can initiate the listing.

Be cautious in pricing your house

A competitive pricing strategy needs to be at the top of your mind.  Listing price is one of the most critical aspects of selling a home quickly. Whether you are selling a house in NC yourself or with the help of a broker, if you don’t price the home correctly, you will not be able to attract the buyer’s attention.

If you price your home at a far lesser point, you will get multiple offers but you will lose out a big amount of money too. this proposition will not be lucrative for you. If you price your home at a very high price point, you will not be able to garner the interest of the buyers. Ultimately, you will have to drop the price of your home and sell at a lower price. Hence, it is recommended that you must price the home competitively to get the best offer. You can, later on, counter the offer and make the most of the deal.

It is a must to use the Comparative Market Analysis or CMA in North Carolina to determine the best price for your property. You can start the CMA and learn how to sell a house efficiently in North Carolina.

Make your home ready

Don’t you want your home to look inviting to the buyers who come to visit your house? To know how to sell a house by owner in North Carolina, consider the things listed below:

  • Decluttering the home is the first thing. This will make your home look spacious as well as clean.
  • Paint your home in pastel colors to enhance the appeal and attract several buyers.
  • Clean the home along with the furniture, rugs, carpets, etc. In short, do not leave any corner of your house.
  • Improve the outdoor look of the house, as the outdoor space creates a first impression. This is can be achieved by mowing the lawn, planting fresh flowers, and more.
  • Make all the rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more look tidy and spacious.
  • Allow a lot of natural as well as light bulbs to enter the home. Open all the curtains to make sure that the room receives ample light.
  • If there is anything wrong in the home, then take care of the repairs. The potential buyers notice the damage and may not consider the deal. So, get the defects repaired.

Promote best features

At the time of creating the listing or marketing your home, keep the list of the best features of the home ready. Promote the same and talk largely about the best aspects of your property. If you have kitchen gadgets of premium brands, expensive or imported flooring, solar panels, etc., then ensure to include this information in your home description. You can also talk about the amenities available nearby such as parks, shopping malls, entertainment, grocery stores, etc.

Seller Disclosure Form

How to Sell a House By Owner also needs you to know that you must fill out the seller disclosure form in North Carolina. The form includes the latest condition of the property, defects, best features, and much more.

These were the best tips to help you know how to do a home sale. You can also seek professional help by signing up on Houzeo to get listed on the MLS and sell your home faster at a flat fee.