It is essential to empower women in today’s world; otherwise, 50% of the world population will remain secondary and underprivileged. However, educating them will not empower them; it is also essential to make them understand the value of financial independence, confidence, healthy livelihood, etc. So, women’s empowerment starts from home and then extends to the school and then reaches bigger organisations that organise programs like girls education charity for the welfare of women in society. The teachers at school should be sensible enough to teach boys and girls without discriminating or differentiating.

According to statistics, more than 129 million girls are out of school, which includes primary, secondary, and upper secondary schools. Many countries are affected by poverty and gender conflicts, where girls are more likely to leave school early, as they are not allowed to continue their education. 

The following points list all the benefits of educating girls in today’s world:

Good for the economy

The more people study in a country and start earning, the better that country will grow economically. So, if the women of a country are not allowed to study and are made to sit at home, the economic situation of that country will depend on 50% of its population, i.e., the men. Hence, it is important to educate girls to become financially independent and help the country’s economic growth. 

Good for communities

According to many studies, it is often observed that female-dominated offices tend to rate high compared to male-dominated offices because women value community service, empathy, social work, and interaction more. Hence, it is advisable to hire women, especially for roles that require public dealing, interaction, negotiation, organisation, etc., because they are considerably good at such work. 

Decreases chances of abuse

When a woman is uneducated and has no knowledge about her rights, she succumbs to suppression and abuse from her husband or other male figures. However, if the same woman is educated, she will understand her rights and know how o fight for them. Moreover, she will support her if she observes abuse from another woman. Hence, education can decrease abuse in society. 

Decreased child and mother mortality rate

When a woman is not educated, she is made to marry early in life and experience pre-mature pregnancies and birth. It can put life-threatening risks on both mother and the child because her body is not yet prepared to carry the child. However, if women are educated and financially independent, they can make better decisions about marriage and pregnancy, automatically decreasing child and mother mortality rates. 

Intergenerational success

When the mother of a child is educated and financially independent, the child will also take education and women empowerment seriously. It will also save the child from developing mental trauma around domestic violence and abuse at home because two individually strong parents are bringing him up. 

Promote good health

An uneducated woman will not be able to take good care of her health because she wouldn’t have enough knowledge about first aid, menstrual hygiene, etc. So, it is important to give proper biological education to females at the right age along with general education so that they can take care of themselves. Numerous vaccinations are available for diseases like AIDS, and educated people are more likely to avoid them because they take vaccinations within time. 

These points list all the benefits of educating females in today’s world. It will automatically improve global problems like poverty, gender inequality, women’s subjugation, etc. Many organisations have girls education charity programs running, so if you want to contribute, you can do that by donating to such programs. 

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