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Are you worried about your divorce issue, or are you fully unaware of the legal world and its unending legal procedure right from filing to resolving a divorce case?  

You might be unaware of the legal system, but your family mediator is not. He will be the very next person whom you will give a call to solve your issues. Or he will be that person who will be the first contact on your call list in that case. 

Who Is A Mediator? 

Let’s first get to know who is a mediator. As the name suggests, a mediator is a person who handles the structured negotiation process. The job of this professional is to further assist the parties in identifying and assessing options and negotiation arrangements to resolve their dispute. 

A mediator generally does not obtrude a solution to the issues but creates a productive atmosphere to resolve such issues. It is an ancient procedure practiced since the Vedic age to resolve issues. 

There are generally two types of mediation, namely private and court-appointed mediation. In the case of court-appointed mediation, the court refers to the pending matrimonial case. Besides, mediation is generally an alternative to a judge imposing a decision on the parties.

Without any delay, let’s get to know about the few works of a mediator as a family lawyer:

  1. To make parties aware.

In many cases, the parties are generally unaware of the legal proceedings. In such cases, the family law mediator acts as the intermediate or explains ways to resolve the issue. He might be a court-referred mediator or a private mediator. 

His work is to help the parties settle the dispute and suggest effective ways so that they can arrive at a particular settlement. In Australia, FCMAS (Federal Court Mediator Accreditation Scheme) gives such provisions to the mediator for resolving such issues.

  1. Resolve matters in case of domestic violence

Resolving matters on domestic violence is the toughest. It is the most delicate case where a mediator has to act wisely and efficiently to get justice for his client for such a cruel deed. It becomes the bullseye for the mediator to get punishment and requisite fine as laid under the different sections of the Australian Federal law..

  1. As a family mediator: 

Help their own families to resolve issues without having the necessity of actually visiting the court. Almost all the family members are relieved from experiencing the hustle and bustle of the lengthy legal procedures. Few personal issues which cannot be shared are safe within the family boundaries. 

Such issues are of significant concern and will damage the family’s reputation or any particular family member. Both spouses do not want such matters to be known by others and are safe with their family mediators.

  1. Priority is given to your case:  

When your family mediator is settling your case, he will make sure to advise you the best and even win it in your favor. For example, your family mediator smoothly handles a child’s custody, any required compensation amount, or any problematic issues. 

As mentioned previously, the mediator will prioritize your case and understand the gravity of your divorce compared to any other mediator. Therefore, act quickly and efficiently and try to solve the dispute without much delay.

  1. Communicating efficiently: 

Letting everyone know about this whole process and all their responsibilities involved in this process. The mediator hears all your problems during the mediation process and makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak and present their point of view. 

He works very professionally with excellent communication even though dealing with family disputes by arranging sessions and communications with his client about the present status.

Skills That A Mediator possesses

With great knowledge about knowing every bit of the legal world. The mediation process brings about a great change in the mediator’s personality as an individual. Moreover, Sydney mediation offers one a more dynamic sphere than any simple litigation procedure.

  1. The first skill that a mediator possesses is the ability to understand the magnitude of the reality from both the party’s spheres. Besides, the mediator needs to be unbiased in their decisions, giving a fair split to both the parties. 
  1. Keeping in mind all the said dimensions by the parties and trying to reflect on all their emotions is a great and indeed a tough job. 
  1. The great ability to think efficiently according to the facts and details of the case, keeping in mind all the emotions of both parties. In addition, they must not have any proven record of announcing unfair decisions. 
  1. Skilled mediators suggest a new dimension to the parties to resolve their issues. In short, they possess two wise qualities, first the efficient skill of listening and second, body language, sympathetic interest, and concern about the real genuine problems of the parties.


Family law mediation is not as easy as it appears to be. The family law mediator has to resolve the most delicate issues of enormous emotional turmoil. So why does one choose family law mediation rather than simply opting for the normal litigation process?  

Many divorcing parents opt for this method as it reduces the cost of the whole litigation process and the courts’ hustle. It is also flexible because a court-litigation process is alengthy work with unending trial dates. With this, we come to the end of our blog on mediation between two parties at the time of separation. Hope you got an idea of the process!