With a wide variety of disinfectants available on the market, selecting the ideal one for your establishment, hotel, or business can be a Herculean task. Office complexes, hotels, and commercial establishments are usually teeming with people, and not following the right hygiene standards can prove detrimental to the health of your employees or customers. To keep the premises clean you need a product that is effective and has a high kill ratio. 

Dettol is one of the most reliable brands. It is the perfect safeguard against bacteria, and the illnesses and infections spreading from them. Owners and managers of establishments, offices, hotels, etc, can buy Dettol products for their premises, but opting for combos will be more effective. Combos are affordable and serve multiple needs, making them a convenient choice for large offices and institutions. A combo pack can have a hand wash, antiseptic, and other products to help keep your business environment clean. However, before buying Dettol products and combos online, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Determine Your Requirements 

Dettol manufactures a wide range of products including hand sanitizer, laundry sanitizer, antiseptic liquid, Dettol Liquid 5 Litre, shaving creams, and several others. Determine your cleaning needs to choose the Dettol products that are best for your business premises. These products are beneficial for both individual users and industries like Hospitality, Healthcare, Stores, etc.

Maintaining high standards of hygiene at offices is crucial for employees’ health. Germs usually accumulate on hands, making it vital to clean them regularly. It is why you need to keep hand sanitizers at the entrances of offices, hotels, banks, stores, and other business establishments. It will help employees and visitors sanitise their hands before entering the office complex.

Although you will find numerous sanitisers manufactured by various brands, Dettol hand sanitiser is ideal for cleaning them. Besides eliminating germs, it keeps your hands clean and hygienic. Employees can also carry their sanitisers. The product can be easily carried in a bag, enabling you to keep your hands clean, even on the go.

Dettol laundry sanitiser is perfect for ridding your clothes of germs and keeping them hygienic. It is the perfect product for hotels and laundry shops. The product’s smooth fragrance ensures that clothes remain fresh all day.

Dettol antiseptic liquid is applied to the skin, especially on scratches and cuts. The product is effective against infections and germs, and it is the reason it is recommended by medical professionals. 

The company manufactures various types of soaps and body gels that effectively remove dirt from your body, eliminate germs, and keep you feeling fresh all day long. These products are suitable for individual use, or for businesses like hotels, where guests stay.  

Similarly, other Dettol products like Disinfecting Skin & Surface Wipes, disinfectant liquid, shaving creams, soaps, etc., have their specific uses.

Before buying the product online, you must know the purpose for which you will be using it. This will help you choose the right product.

Kill Claims 

When you purchase an antiseptic, you should check the kill claims of the product. A low kill claim means that the product is less effective against germs and harmful bacteria, and will not fully protect your staff and customers from diseases and infections. You should go through the online descriptions of Dettol products to check the kill claim. For example, products like Dettol Antiseptic Liquid claims to kill 99.9 percent of germs. Dettol Liquid 5 Litre and other products are made with the best ingredients and offer protection against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even Coronavirus.  

Select the Fragrance

Whether it is Dettol Strawberry Foaming Hand Wash Pump, Dettol Aloe Coconut Hand Wash Foaming Pump, Dettol Body Wash, Shower Gel, etc., each product has a different fragrance. Dettol is known for using mild fragrances that are suitable for every skin type. Dettol products use natural fragrance, which is safe for people who have allergies to certain kinds of fragrances. However, unlike in a physical store, you cannot experience the product’s fragrance online. That is why you must remember to read the product’s online description carefully. The description lists the ingredients used in manufacturing the products and the fragrance. It will help you purchase an item that keeps your premises fresh and smells good.

Buy Genuine Dettol Products

When purchasing a product, you must be sure of its authenticity. But at times, it can become challenging to differentiate between a fake Dettol product and a real one. That is why buying Dettol products from reputed online sites is so important. These sites stock authentic Dettol products and sell them at reasonable rates. However, purchasing an item from an unknown portal will create problems for you.  Unknown portals may stock fake Dettol products that harm your skin and will not be effective in killing germs. So to be safe and healthy, purchase Dettol Liquid 5 Litre and other products only from reliable sites. The products are easily available on reputed online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, etc. You will also find the full range of products on the Dettol website.


Products manufactured by Dettol are very safe to use, affordable, made from the finest ingredients and completely effective in eliminating germs. They keep your business premises hygienic and ensure that your staff and customers remain protected from diseases and infections. The products are used by offices, hotels, and commercial establishments worldwide, and are easily available at department and online stores. However, when purchasing Dettol products and combos online, you should keep in mind the factors mentioned above. It will ensure that you get the product that best suits the needs of your business. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what to look for when purchasing Dettol products and combos online.

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