You are planning a party at a special venue in Springfield and want to pleasantly surprise the guests. Expectedly, you have a lot to decide, including the choice of caterer. You don’t necessarily need an event planner, especially if your rental supplier is handy and supportive. There are family-owned companies like Eventful Rental that can offer comprehensive solutions for various bespoke needs. In this post, let’s discuss what to expect when hiring an event rental supplier.

An initial interest

Once you have decided on the location and date, you can contact local services for an estimate. A professional service will take time to identify your expectations and needs. The team will be interested in the theme and design and help you find the correct list of items essential for the party.

Past event pictures on request

How do you know that an event rental supplier has handled similar parties and requirements in the past? For that, you have to check pictures and videos of their recent services. If you called a service and got a prompt response after requesting details, you can certainly trust the team.

A site inspection

An event rental service should also offer a site inspection for clients. This allows the designers and professionals to check the venue in person and discover what’s doable for the given budget. They will also share a list of specific products and show samples. You may need to visit their showroom to find more, which is worth considering.

Expansive inventory

The requirements for a corporate party are likely to be unique compared to a private event. When you check for event rental suppliers, please find out their range of products and inventory. You should also look for audiovisual equipment and other things like flooring and floral arrangements.

A clear estimate

The supplier should share an estimate based on the needs, mentioning everything included in the price. The team should also explain the best ways to enhance the décor and theme with additional elements and must provide options. Don’t choose a company for the quote alone.

Finally, customization and bespoke solutions are necessary for each client. It is always better to work with a local event rental company that’s managed by experts and has an in-house team to coordinate everything. You should also check online if the service has good ratings from others. If required, you can also ask for references and check with their past clients.