It is often observed that when young kittens and senior cats are under the same roof, adopters are more likely to choose baby cats than the older feline residents in shelter homes. People may prefer adopting little kittens for various reasons, and they may have as many not to adopt senior cats. While this is a personal choice, it greatly helps to let them know about the benefits of having an older pet at home.

With this knowledge, they can make an informed decision and possibly provide an abandoned animal with a forever, loving home. However, potential adopters should know about the challenges of parenting a senior cat for successful adoption. Even if the person can’t afford the best cat insurance NZ, they should be able to support their furball with cheap cat insurance at least.

A medical financial backup becomes essential so that providing health care during dire health situations need not be financially burdening. Since older cats are highly susceptible to medical issues, contemplating purchasing a policy becomes all the more critical. This is precisely why adopters must reflect on what they can offer their pets.

If you want to adopt an elderly cat, consider the financials involved in caring for it. In the meantime, read this article to learn why it is difficult for older cats to find hopefully permanent homes.

Why is it difficult for older cats to find forever homes?

Some senior cats may be dropped off at animal shelters by their human parents who no longer wish to care for them, and others might be dropped off by family or friends of a cat parent who has passed away.

At the same time, many senior stray cats are picked up by animal shelters and rescues. They might have had a home previously, been exposed to socialization, wandered off, or were lost or separated from owners, but found today by these angel organizations and can be adopted.

Although a senior cat is eligible to be adopted, many adopters consider going for younger kitties that can be trained and prefer raising them and watching them grow. In short, baby cats are seen as animals with more time to live in the household.

What are the benefits of adopting an older cat?

Adult and older cats often have loving and obedient dispositions making them hard to resist. They may be satisfied with your companionship and the jolly good time they spend on your lap or in your arms.

More than anything, their characters are set, so you may not need to worry about personalities changing over time as you would about young kittens evolving into pesky pets. So, when adopting a senior cat, what you see is precisely what you get.

Also, the need for training is less likely for an older cat. If the feline were somebody else’s pet earlier, it would mostly be aware of living peacefully with humans. It will know what it needs to do with the litter box, cat trees, scratching posts, toys, etc. 

However, a senior cat used to living on the streets that has had no human contact before will need some time to adjust to the new environment. But, once it happens, it will mostly be a sweet furry companion.

It is worth noting that abandoned senior cats can be extremely lonely and miss human companionship. Opening your door to such a cat can light up its life immeasurably. Consider adopting a senior cat to rejoice in all the love it has to offer you. 

Consider being prepared with cat insurance in NZ to pay back your fur companion in terms of health and happiness. Cheap cat insurance is affordable and helps support your aging furball with needed medical care during non-routine vet visits and health emergencies, which is why you should contemplate purchasing a policy.